Superset Shoulder Workout

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7 supersets, 60 minutes. You got this.

Time: 60 minutes

Type of Workout: Strength and muscle endurance

Sh*t You Need: Machines (Smith machine, cables with a straight bar and rope attachment), dumbbells, a jump rope, battle ropes, and a Dynamax ball (or other medicine ball)

Intensity: High

Body Target: Upper body with a focus on shoulders

The Workout:

The following sets are all supersets. This means that you complete the exercises straight through, with no rest between sets. 

Compete 3 sets of the following superset: 
- Seated singe arm shoulder presses on smith machine,  10 reps each arm
- Standing single arm dumbbell press, 10 reps each arm

Complete 4 sets of the following superset: 
- Seated shoulder presses on smith machine (regular grip, wide grip, and narrow grip),  5-10 reps each grip
- Push ups for 5-10 reps

Complete 3 sets:
Land mine squat shoulder press with alternating hands, 20 reps total

Complete 3 sets: 
Shoulder raises with rope cable attachment, 10 reps

Complete 3 sets: 
- Straight bar face pulls, 10 reps
- Bent over rear dumbbell delt raises, 10 reps
- Around the worlds, 5-10 reps

Complete 4 sets: 
- 50 jump rope
- Battle ropes: 10 reps arms together; 10 reps pulling from middle to outer right corners (see video); 20 reps total alternating arm rope slams (10 reps each arm)

Complete 4 sets:
- Dynamax ball slams, 10 reps
- Dynamax ball push ups, 10 reps
- Shoulder taps, 10 taps total

1st clip: Seated single arm shoulder press on smith machine (ensure you get full range of motion)
2nd clip: Standing single arm dumbbell press
3rd clip: The entire circuit of face pulls, rear delt raises, and around the worlds
4th clip: Battle rope circuit beginning with arms together, pulling from the center to upper right direction, and finishing with alternating single arm slams

**Note that almost all the clips are sped up 2X the speed, take these exercises slow and controlled and really focus on that mind to muscle connection!**

Workout contributed by Morgan Smith (University of Florida). Check out her Instagram and Twitter for more. 

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