You Don’t Need to be Dripping in Sweat to Have a Good Workout

By May 20, 2017Move

For a long time, I thought that the amount of sweat correlated to how good my workout was. I loved the feeling, and I still do love the feeling of a great sweat session. It makes my body feel refreshed and it helps to boost my energy levels. Not to mention, a killer, sweaty workout also makes me feel like a champ. 

But the thing is, sometimes the only way I’ll sweat during a workout is doing tons of cardio. And I know that isn’t fun for me, and doesn’t make my body feel too great. When I decided to cut out how much cardio I was doing and incorporate more lifting workouts, I noticed that I didn’t sweat as much. And at first it bothered me. 

I thought that I wasn’t working hard enough. I felt a bit guilty at first for not breaking a sweat and getting my heart rate up. I had it in my head that in order for the workout to count, I needed to leave sweating. I was so wrong. 

Some days, my body temperature would be a little different. I would go in warmer and find myself sweating a bit more those days. And some days I would barely break a sweat. Some workouts where I lifted my body felt incredible. I felt so strong and empowered even though I didn’t leave dripping with sweat and rosy red cheeks. I knew that I had fun in there and enjoyed my workout, which is ultimately the most important thing.

The amount you sweat does not determine whether you worked hard or not. How your body feels is what counts. If you feel strong and leave that gym feeling like you killed it but didn’t really sweat that much, that is 100% fine. If you leave that yoga class feeling relaxed and flexible but don’t feel that tired or sweaty after, you still got something out of it and benefited your body in so many ways. 

So, don’t stress if you don’t leaving the gym dripping in sweat. That doesn’t determine if you worked out or not. Go in there, have fun, and continue to do whatever makes your body feel the best.

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Alyssa is a sophomore at Stonehill college. She could eat a sweet potato everyday and spends too much money on nut butter. A yogi, semi-gym rat and health nut, but also a huge believer in balance. She talks a lot about mental health and a healthy lifestyle on her blog

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