Why I Switched To Morning Workouts

By April 23, 2017Motivation, Move

Picture this: 5:30 AM on a monday morning, your alarm blaring, the sun not yet risen, your bed sheets warm and soft. And yet, you’re about to get out of bed to walk half a mile in the 20 degree weather to your University’s gym

Yeah, that’s me – Every. Single. Day.

All of my friends look at me in shock when I say I’ll be hitting the gym at 6 AM – let’s just say my 10:30 PM bedtime doesn’t really fit the “college lifestyle” norm. Yet everyday I make the bleary eyed trek to the gym to get in my workout. 

So why do I do it? 

I used to be a night workout person. 9 PM was my go-to gym time. Finishing my day on a workout left me exhilarated and energized. But of course, my schedule changed, I joined new clubs and organizations, and this semester I found myself so busy that between the hours of 9 AM and 10 PM I simply don’t have time for a workout. I thought my workouts were done for – until one day I decided to try the gym at 6 AM – and so my morning workouts were born. 

Here are my top reasons (besides scheduling) for getting a morning workout in. 

The feeling lasts throughout the day. 

It’s true – when the first part of the day is my workout, it centers my day and makes me feel less sluggish as the day progresses. When I workout in the morning, I feel like I go through the day with a clearer mind and a more open heart. And knowing you got your workout over with first thing in the morning is a pretty nice feeling too.

Hardly anyone else is awake. 

Anyone that works out in their college gym knows the struggle of peak gym hours – don’t even try to go between the hours of 4-7 PM or  9-12. Or any time honestly, because when is it ever empty? I’ll tell you  – 6 in the morning, that’s when. There are maybe 8 people in the weight section max, which can help your workout immensely, especially if you suffer from the dreaded gym anxiety. I find my workouts being much more effective in the morning when I’m not surrounded by other gym goers and just focusing on myself.

The atmosphere of the gym.

At peak gym hours, the atmosphere can be summed up as stressful, aggressive, competitive, and just overall unpleasant (for me, at least). No one wants to be surrounded by people they think are silently judging them. But the morning gym goers? I see the same people every morning and they are pleasant and focused on themselves and not on silently competing with the people around them. This type of atmosphere has worked wonders for my workouts. 

It’s something to be proud of.

Getting up and getting to the gym in the morning before most of your friends even roll out of bed is an accomplishment. It’s easy to get sucked into the cycle of staying up way too late and ruining your sleep schedule, but getting up to workout at such an early time shows discipline, perseverance and keeps you motivated. Trust me, the last thing I wanna do when I hear my alarm go off so early in the morning is go to the gym. But I get up and I go anyway, and I never regret it. 

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