The BBQ Chickpea Bowl That You Will Make Over And Over

By October 17, 2017Recipes

It’s that time of year again…

Yep, we’re finally back into the swing of the school year. Going back to school is a huge change in lifestyle pace in so many ways. From having to wake up for class, fitting a workout in between schoolwork, and having a social life, it can be difficult to even think about eating healthfully. 

But don’t get too worried, #fitufam.

This recipe idea swooped in out of nowhere and quickly became one of my go-to lunches and dinners for busy days. This BBQ Chickpea Bowl is delicious, satisfying, flavorful and packed with nutrients and health benefits. It’s one of those bowls that you’ll be dreaming about ALL DAY.

Why is it so damn good?

The chickpeas are packed with plant protein, the kale and mushrooms bring the iron and vitamin C, The brown rice is a whole grain that makes a perfect base. Plus, the chickpeas and the rice together make a complete protein, which is perfect for vegans and vegetarians (and meat eaters too!)

The ingredients to this BBQ chickpea bowl can be prepped the night before and then thrown together that day, but even if you choose to make this plant-based bowl on the spot, it still takes 20 minutes or less. So the next time you need a hearty meal to hold you over for a long day, try throwing these easy ingredients together.

BBQ Chickpea Rice Bowl

Time: 20 minutes or less

When to eat it: Lunch, dinner, or anytime you need something filling to get you through the day!

Perks: plant-based protein packed, quick to make, super flavorful

Makes: 1 bangin’ bowl

Sh*t You Need:

  • 1 cup brown rice
  • ½ cup chickpeas
  • 2/3 cup shredded kale and cabbage
  • ½ cup mushrooms
  • 2-3 tablespoons BBQ Sauce 
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • Salt & Pepper to taste

The Recipe:

  1. Cook the rice as instructed. If you’re super efficient *coughcough lazy* like me, buy pre-cooked rice and microwave it.
  2. In a bowl, mix the chickpeas and BBQ sauce, making sure the chickpeas are evenly coated. Set aside. 
  3. In a pan, heat up one tsp of olive oil until warm. Add in your mushrooms and season as desired. Cook until the mushrooms are soft. 
  4. Once the mushrooms have cooked, put them aside and add the BBQ chickpeas into the pan. Allow them to cook until they’re warm.
  5. On top of your rice, arrange the chickpeas, mushrooms and kale as desired. 
  6. Enjoy! 

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