I Ran My First Tough Mudder, Here’s What I Thought

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DISCLAMER: this post is sponsored by Skedaddle. All opinions are my own.

The #fitufam is not new to obstacle racing.

Cam, an OG Fit University Ambassador from Northeastern, first introduced OCR to us back in June 2015 with a Tough Mudder.

tough mudder

I was supposed to go that Mudder but I unfortunately was out of town for it. Since then though, I’ve done a few Spartan Races and absolutely LOVE them. So when I got the opportunity to head to the Mt. Snow Tough Mudder a few weeks ago, I said yes immediately (without even considering that I’d barely  I hadn’t trained at all. Christina, AKA @foodietunes, AKA another OG Fit University Ambassador from BU, agreed to take the 10 mile trek with me.

Quick reminder that fitness is better with your #fitufam.

You may know Tough Mudder as the mud race with electric shocks and ice baths, but here’s the official description:

Tough Mudder is an endurance event series in which participants attempt 10–12 mile-long obstacle courses that tests mental as well as physical strength.

Anyway, the day rolled around and it was time to head to Vermont. We got picked up in Boston by Skedaddle, a social platform to book and organize bus trips. It’s actually really cool! You can start or join rides on (really nice) professionally driven vehicles to any destination through the app or website. So let’s say you and your friends wanted to take a weekend trip but nobody had a car, you could use Skedaddle to get there – and get there in style 🚘.

tough mudder 2

Side note: I ran the Spartan Beast in New Jersey about a year ago and drove home that night… it was one of the worst mistakes I ever made. After 15 miles of hiking, running and obstacles, driving 4 hours to get back to Boston was brutal – I had to pull off to the side of the road so I wouldn’t fall asleep at the wheel. So having Skedaddle to drive me to and from Tough Mudder  was 👌👌👌.

Like I said, though this was not my first OCR, it was my first Tough Mudder. Here are some of my main takeaways:

Community is key

Community is, IMO, one of the most important aspects of living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. That’s why Fit University and our Ambassador Network exists! What I loved about Tough Mudder was the community aspect of it. Unlike other races I’ve run, a handful of Tough Mudder obstacles actually required you to work together with the people around you. It was a nice reminder that when you surround yourself with people who support you, you can get anything done.

Your mind is the strongest muscle in your body

Real talk, the first mile of the race was tough (ha!) for me…so much uphill hiking for my short little legs to handle. Christina and Ana kept looking back at me being like “yo, are you ok??” I knew that it was only beginning and I was going to need to unlock some mental strength to last all 10 miles. I focused on one foot in front of the next, paid attention to my breath, and reminded myself that a year ago, I did 15 miles of this hiking. I got this. 

tough mudder 3The body is an amazing thing

Despite my short leg struggles in mile 1, mile 7 came around and I had this realization of “Woah! Look at how much my body is doing right now?!” It was like I reached enlightenment. It was extremely cool to see that despite my lack of training, my body was handling it with such ease so deep into the race. I attribute this to the fact that fitness is a part of my everyday life, it truly is a lifestyle! Also, I’m a fitness instructor. So that probably helped 😜

Everybody has different strengths

While Ana and Christina cruised through the hiking and running portion of the race, the obstacles were my jam. I climbed up the walls and bars like a little monkey and felt like a boss. BECAUSE I AM ONE. Too much? I get excited easily. But seriously, I love seeing how different people thrive in different fitness situations. It’s a nice reminder that we all thrive in different settings and one form of strength is not better than the other

tough mudder 5

Fitness should be fun

I say this time and time again. The only way to find consistency in anything – not just fitness – is to make sure you’re enjoying it. I personally love obstacle course races and have a blast doing them, so I do them. Yes, they are challenging as hell. Yes, you cannot believe you’re only at mile 3 when you see the mile 3 marker. Yes, you’re not sure how you’re going to make it through. But you’re with your friends, and you’re making it through together, and at the end of the day, it’s a great day and you have sore legs to remember it the next. 

You may try an OCR and love it too! Or you might try it and hate it. But you’ll never know until you at least give it a shot. I encourage you to do it 🔥🔥🔥

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