How To Do A Triple Plank With Your Friends

By July 18, 2016Workouts

Normal planks are so passè. We’re movin on to a triple plank.

You’ve seen those dope fitness pictures on Instagram.

You’ve tagged your friend and said “@friend, we’re doing this tomorrow.” But have you ever actually gone back and done it? 

…..have ya?

Well today, that all changes. Today, you’re going to take one of those dope fitness pictures and someone else is going to comment on YOUR Instagram photo. Our friends, @acroyogies, put together a simple step-by-step guide to mastering the triple plank. So go ahead…share this with your friends, get the cameras ready, your Instagram is about to get a whole lot better.

triple plank

But first, we gotta warm up.

@Acroyogies tell us to start this routine by completing five 1 minute planks with 10 pushups in between each set.

Go on now, we can wait here.

Ok, now what?

Once you’re feeling warm, you’re ready to incorporate Acro Yoga! This means double or even triple planks. Here’s how:

1. Choose one person to be the base of the plank. This person is your rock. 

2. A second person will place themselves on top of the base in plank position facing the opposite direction of the base (Person 2 puts their feet on person 1's shoulders, and holds on to person 1's ankles).

3. If you're feeling crazy, person 3 comes in and does the same thing person 2 did. *You may want to consider putting a step behind you so person 3 doesn't fall while climbing to the top ;)

4. Have a fourth person near by so they can snap a picture ASAP.

So let’s see your planks! Tag @gofitu @acroyogies in your new dope Instagram pictures. #fituniversity

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