Victoria Sport: Best Women’s Active Wear?

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Watch out Lulu. You have new competition for most stylish women’s active wear and her name is Victoria Sport.

When Victoria’s Secret announced their plans to discontinue their beloved swimwear line, many hearts were broken. Their reasoning behind halting the production of their beach attire? To focus on Victoria Sport: a stylish and practical active wear for fitness enthusiasts everywhere.

Popular activewear companies, like lululemon and Nike, may have some cute leggings, but their pieces are typically outrageously priced and way out of the average college student’s budget. While I was hesitant at first, I was pleasantly surprised that their new line was great quality, yet still affordable. After giving it a try, Victoria Sport has slowly become one of my go-to active wear brands for cute workout tops, functional leggings, and the best sports bras I own. 

If you’re still skeptical, here are some of my reviews of their most popular pieces:

Let’s talk about leggings.


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Lululemon is known for being the best when it comes to leggings, but they are also known for coming with a hefty price tag that can be $100 or more.  Victoria Sport’s signature Knockout High-Rise Tights, on the other hand, range from $62.50-$69.95. Although still quite an investment for most college students, I was fortunate enough to buy these leggings during a sale and quickly I fell in love.

The Knockout Tights are perfect for any fitness guru for three simple reasons: the fabric, the pockets, and the style. The fabric is thick and breathable, it doesn’t show sweat, and most importantly, it isn’t see through. Squat test approved! The pockets are a handy addition because they can hold your keys, ID, and phone so you’re not stuck carrying them around the gym. And, the style of these leggings is what makes them a favorite of mine. Being high waisted, they are more flattering on my figure and stay up even through the most strenuous workouts, which is something I always look for in leggings. 

Now, let’s talk sports bras.


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Since my volleyball days, I have always had the hardest time finding the perfect sports bra. Even the most high impact sports bras never seemed to do the job, but Victoria Sport has reinvented sports bras entirely, and that’s why they have been deemed the “world’s best”. Regardless of your need for a low impact undergarment or a high impact undergarment, these sports bras are of supreme quality and are one of the most affordable active wear bras I have come across starting at just $15.

Their cheapest sports option, the Player Racerback Sports Bra, happens to be my favorite. Similarly to their performance pants, their sports bras can be snatched on amazing 2/$25 deal days. With that price, you could buy four Victoria Sport bras for the price of one lululemon sports bra. 


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Overall, Victoria Sport has blown me away with the overall quality and comfort of activewear. While lululemon still offers top-quality active wear, Victoria Sport has made a dent on the active wear and ‘athleisure’ scene this year, and you can thank me (or hate me) later for getting you hooked on Victoria Sport.

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