You Know You Need a Good Workout When…

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There are plenty of times when I find myself feeling off my game. Maybe I’m doing or saying things that I don’t normally. Or maybe I’m feeling restless. Those are some of the ways I know it’s time for me to hit the gym or sign up for a fitness class.

Here’s my list of other ways I know I need a good workout when…

I get irritable.

If I start to get in a bad mood and I don’t know the exact reason for it, chances are I just need to sweat it out!

I have a lot of energy…and time.

What better way to use my energy than put it to good use towards those #gains?

Or on the other hand, I can’t sleep. 

I haven’t used all my energy and lay awake at night. Even though I’m mentally tired, I’m physically not. “Alright,” I think, lying there jittery. “I’m going for it tomorrow.” 

I’ve gone without access to an exercise facility for longer than I would like.

There are times when I have traveled or just had full days of class, cleaning, and activities. During those times, I just can’t find the extra hour to spend or the energy I need to work out (and that’s ok!). In these cases, I try to find the time before and after those busy days to get those workouts in and balance myself.

I take a rest day or two and realize I’m missing my edge.

Time to get back on the horse! This usually happens if I’m not getting enough rest or eating right and need to take care of myself by giving myself time to catch up and heal. When I realize I’m out of it, then it’s time to get back into it.

I crave unhealthy food.

Think about it: why am I craving that food? Sometimes, I just am. Sometimes, I go ahead and treat myself. But sometimes that craving is more emotional. If I just went ahead and indulged and skipped the gym every time I felt this way, 0 actual problems would be solved and I’d feel pretty terrible from all the junk. This is how a downward spiral happens. Eat well, sleep well, do well, feel well.

I’m training for something.

I trained for the Spartan Race Sprint that took place in June and boy, that was incentive to give my best every time I was in the gym.

I just need to feel good.

My favorite part of exercising is the post-workout high. This only comes after I workout and I know I have a lot to feel good about and be thankful for. It turns a crappy day into a good day pretty quickly!

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