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This Is How You’re Going to Make It Through This Semester

By March 4, 2017Think

The mid-semester slump is too real.

Classes are no longer fun. Your piles of work are becoming mounds. Everyone is sick. You are sick. You miss your dogs. Sleeping seems like a distant memory. You’re failing 7 classes when you are only in 5. How did this happen?!

I understand. Maybe all you want right now is to be at home, in your warm cozy bed, being served a homemade meal. Or maybe you wish you were on a tropical island drinking margaritas under the beating sun.

Point is, you are probably wishing you were anywhere but school, doing anything but studying. Same. BUT that is not an option and sorry, guys, it’s not going to happen. You’ve got to stick it through.

Good news is, you are halfway done with this semester. (WOO)

Bad news is… this is when your motivation begins to lack.

But I want YOU to be successful, and rock it this semester. Some wonderful ways to beat the mid-semester slump are…

1. Prioritize.

Make prioritizing a priority. (Ha.)

I can not stress enough how important it is to prioritize what is important. I know the wheel of things we are expected to do seems impossible (social life, school, sports, internships, jobs, family, church, that club you signed up for…), but it isn’t. You just need to prioritize your activities and if something important to you seems lacking in your schedule, then you need to find a way to include more of it (and maybe take out some things that aren’t so important).

Take a step back and really think about what you need to be happy and successful. Then, spend your time doing those things. 

2. Find study buddies.

I can understand wanting to study alone because that is how I am. But when you’re struggling, it really does work to meet up with a few friends and talk over some of the concepts.

Sometimes when you say something out loud, you realize that maybe you don’t understand the whole concept or that you are not sure on how to explain what you are thinking. Or you could be forgetting something really important that someone else will remember.

You also learn as you repeat and explain things.

On top of that, there is a higher energy level when working with a group, meaning you’ll be more alert and retain more information. Just make sure they aren’t too distracting…

3. Take care of your body.

This includes:

  • eating foods that are high in nutrients,
  • working out regularly,
  • getting enough sleep,
  • and maintaining good hygiene.

I know we’re all exhausted, but there are plenty of little ways to manage these big, important parts of your life. It’s one big cycle of happiness: if you work out, then you’ll feel good. If you shower and decide to look a little nicer, you’ll feel good. If you eat well, you’ll have more energy… and you’ll feel good. 

4. Be realistic.

DO NOT cram a week’s worth of studying and assignments into 2 days. You will either:

  1. Beat yourself up for not having started it sooner and then start the week out in a terrible mood, or
  2. Blame the professor. And if you know it was going to be due well in-advance, I see no reason to be blaming them.

So plan out your study habits and make sure you are keeping your eye on due-dates. Plan on when you want to start things. Once you figure out what works for you, KEEP GOING. If you have a good momentum going and are getting everything done on time and efficiently, why stop? 

5. Be nice to yourself.

Sometimes you get a bad grade. Sometimes you forget about assignments. Sometimes you are late to lecture. Sometimes you are just not feeling it. 

Don’t worry. 

You are not the only one. Please do not forget to take time for yourself and the things that you love. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

On that note, keep on grinding! Try and keep these things in mind as the semester slowly comes to an end. 

I believe in all of you!

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Author Danielle Boss

Danielle is a junior at Alma College and is majoring in Physiology and Health Sciences. She enjoys all forms of fitness from lifting weights to trying out fun, new fitness classes. When she isn't working out or studying, she can be found looking up motivational quotes on pinterest or dancing for her school's dance company!

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