For your inner fit college girl.

It’s common knowledge that the key to a healthy lifestyle in college is preparation. And with the semester right around the corner, it’s time to get prepared with the best activity around…SCHOOL SUPPLY SHOPPING.

Here are a few extra things to add to your shopping list.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula FlipBalms

Picture this: you’re curling a dumbbell in your right hand, and moisturizing yo’ lips with your left. Confused? Let me explain. FlipBalm makes it easy to open and apply your lip balm with one hand, instead of having to worry about twisting off the cap (and if you’re like me, potentially dropping and losing it). FlipBalm is also packed with natural ingredients like pure Cocoa Butter, raw Shea Butter & Vitamin E, and are free of Parabens, Phthalates, Petrolatum, and Gluten. #fituapproved

Simply Sensitive Summer’s Eve® Cleansing Cloths

Ladies. You need these. Ever go from class, to the gym then back to class without showering in between? *Nods head in affirmation* Summer’s Eve, leader in feminine hygiene, is here to keep you fresh & clean in moments like this. Just toss a few of the individual packets in your bag at the beginning of the week and you’ll be good to go post-workout, or any other time you need to freshen up yo’ hoo-ha. Each cloth is hypoallergenic, alcohol-free and made with a gentle formula so it won’t irritate gentle skin (ain’t NOBODY got time for irritation down there).


Put down your phone and pick up this baby for some pictures instead. It’s small enough to throw in your backpack or gym bag and it’s got a selfie mode that automatically adjusts settings for the ultimate selfie. Sooo it’s perfect for post-workout selfies. Plus, everything prints out instantaneously so you can hang all of your post-workout INSTAX pictures on your dorm wall. You’ll be motivated by your beautiful sweaty face every time you wake up. You’re welcome. 

GreenPan Mini Ceramic Non-Stick Square Egg Pan

I think we can all agree that everything is better when it’s mini. That’s especially true for this mini non-stick pan. Best part is…non-stick = easy clean up. So next weekend when you wake up, workout and make your post-workout brunch, you know your food will be in good hands. Live in a dorm room with a communal kitchen? This baby’s so small that it’s perfect for storing when it’s not in use.

PS: Use code SCHOOL 20 for 20% off + free shipping, now through September 4.

Zebra Pens

Every knows that an organized notebook needs color-coded notes. These Sarasa Gel pens have Rapid Dry Ink technology so you don’t have to worry about smudging when you close your planner in a hurry. Throw a few pens in your backpack, in your purse, in your gym bag so whenever you need to add something to your calendar, create your todo list, write down your latest PR, you’ll always be prepared. A real woman always has a good pen on her. #prepforsuccess

Alllll the goodies.

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