Here at Fit University, we disprove the idea that you can’t stay fit in college. In fact, every single day, our community of fit & healthy students show the world that you can absolutely stay fit in college – and have a damn good time while you do it. Check out the hashtag on to see for yourself. The key to getting fit and staying fit in college is simple…it’s all about adopting healthy habits. Here are some you may want to adopt.


1. As a freshman, I was scared of the gym…because of all of the intense-looking athletes and weightlifters. If you’re a little intimidated by it like I was, go to the gym in the early morning (when there are way less people) and just look around, try now new machines out, and figure out where in the gym you like to workout. It definitely worked for me! 

2. Try a workout class that you’ve never done before.

3. Talk a walk outside for a study break.

4. Go to the gym with your friends or roommates. It’s a good way to stay accountable about exercising.

5. Head over to a local park or neighborhood for your run instead of going on the treadmill.

6. Join your school’s Fit University chapter for a workout…it’s totally free! 

7. Here are 9 more tips to getting started in the gym.

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In the dining hall:

8. Always make sure to have a balanced, nutritious plate.

9. When ordering eggs or an omelette, ask for real eggs or egg whites.

10. Load up your plate with veggies and greens from the salad bar before getting other food. 

11. Olive oil mixed with balsamic vinegar is a great dressing option.

12. Most dining halls offer simple grilled chicken for lunch & dinner – perfect source of protein.

13. At some schools, you can often check online to see what each dining hall is serving, and what the ingredients in all of the prepared foods are. So helpful for planning ahead!

14. Dessert in the dining hall: apple + peanut butter + raisins (raisins are sometimes at the end of the salad bar). #treatyoself

15. Bring tupperware with you to the dining hall and bring home cut up veggies for snacks later on.

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Healthy dorm snacks:

*I was able to find all of these at the convenience store on campus.*

16. Fruit: Apples, bananas, oranges, etc.

17. Veggies: Baby carrots, celery, avocados, cucumbers

18. Peanut or almond butter squeeze packs – tastes great on banana or apples

19. Guacamole packets – great for dipping with veggies

20. Kale chips

21. Raw nuts & seeds

22. Have a microwave? Buy a sweet potato, pierce a bunch of holes in it with a fork and heat it up on a microwave-safe dish for 5-9 minutes. Voila!

23. Smoothies are perfect for making in your dorm room. Maybe even consider a smoothie bowl!

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24. Set an alarm for going to bed at a reasonable hour – studying is important but so is your sleep!!

25. Feel tired in the morning? Do some jumping jacks or lunges to wake yourself up.

26. Try the 50-10 rule for getting work done; set a timer, do work for 50 straight minutes (that means no Facebook!!), and then take a 10 minute break – get up, walk around, talk to your friends. Repeat!

27. Remember: it’s just as important to treat yourself once in a while as it is to make healthy choices

28. Have fun!!  

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Hannah is a third-year at Northeastern University in Boston. A yogi, chocolate & coffee lover, and grocery store aficionado, she writes recipes, college advice, and skincare reviews on (ah on Insta).

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