Being a busy college student makes it hard to go shopping. Setting aside our textbooks and notes for even a day is impossible at times. But thanks to all of these companies that have come up with the brilliant idea of providing monthly top quality fitness items, we don’t have to stress anymore.

Below is a list of a few of my favorites that I personally have subscribed to and some that I love what they offer and hope you do too!

1. Gainz Box, $39 monthly* This company provide the best brands for the Crossfit community. They have everything from apparel, mobility, snack, supplements and so much more. When you sign up for Gainz Box, you get 10% off your first box! They provide a monthly, 3 month, 6 month, and an annual subscription. I have personally subscribed to this box and the quality of products is 5-star! It is also a veteran-owned company so that gets an extra star in my book.

2. BarBella Box, $49 monthly*– This box is very similar to Gainz Box except it is more exclusive for women. They have clothing, supplements, mobility and goodies as well. Subscriptions come monthly, quarterly or annually.

3. The Runner Box, $20 every 2 months*– This is great for the runner or want-to-be runner in all of us. It comes with nutrition bars, energy boosters, personal care and running accessories. This company is owned by two women who personally run marathons themselves. They are extremely active and passionate about the endurance community.

4. BuddhiBox, $34.95 + shipping  This company was started by female entrepreneur and yoga instructor, Maxine Chapman. She started the company to share her favorite yogi things and help enhance her students’ practice. Every month, a portion of the sales goes to support a different global charity. They provide fitness items, skincare, and fragrances. You can also buy individual products off the site as well.


5. Vull Sports, $53 If you are anything like me, you love athletic wear, and having the cute sports bras and shorts must. Vull Sports sends you a monthly subscription for sports bras. It is owned by a four-time Crossfit regional athlete so she knows what women in the fitness community is looking for. 

6. The Feed, price varies* This company is pretty sweet because you can curate your own box based on what kind of fitness you like!

7. Athletic Foodie, price varies * Owned by Olympic Gold Medalist Garret Weber-Gale, who was diagnosed with dangerously high blood sugar, this box makes healthy food taste great. Weber-Gale wants you to see the connection between what you put into your body and what you get out of it.

8. Paleo Life Box, $35 month* Each month, you get about eight to ten paleo snacks from some of the best companies out there. It delivers monthly, quarterly and bi-annually.

There are so many companies out there that provide this service and these are just a few that I love. It’s so nice to know that at least once a month on my doorstep there will be goodies and lets be honest opening up a package brings out the kid in all of us.

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Jessica is a Senior at Mississippi State University, major in Kinesiology with a concentration in Clinical Exercise Physiology. She is a dancer but you can know mostly see her in a Crossfit gym instead of a studio and holding a barbell instead of a barre. You will hear her talking about food or cooking it. You can check her out at .

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