It’s 7pm. You’ve had a full day of midterms, group projects and catching up on last minute reading for tomorrow’s class. You’re about to head to a workout with your school’s Fit University chapter (don’t have one? Start one!) and you know that you’re going to be exhausted and hungry as f#%! by the end of it.

The mere thought of cooking dinner – if you even have access to a kitchen – makes you cringe, and you really don’t feel like dealing with the dining hall. So you decide to order in food once you’re home. At this point, you’re too hungry to decide what you want so you settle for pizza from that half decent pizza shop on campus. *Womp. Womp* 

We’ve all been there. And let’s be honest…there’s nothing worse than not being able to decide what to eat for dinner. But thanks to Chef Nightly, your decision-making process just got a whooole lot easier. Think of Chef Nightly as the Netflix for dinner. Yes, your prayers have finally been answered…that’s Netflix WITH FOOD. cn_iphone_meals_screen@2xHere’s how it works:

  1. Chef Nightly researches neighborhoods and restaurants to help curate the meals it will offer. Each meal is analyzed by the Chef Nightly team to generate flavor profiles to make your meal choice easier. Choose from: Spicy, Sweet or Savory. 
  2. Hungry – and possible hangry – you, pulls up the Chef Nightly app on your phone. You’ll see which top rated kitchens are preparing their meals along with delivery estimates. 
  3. Health-conscious you, takes note of the nutrition facts because you’re always looking for a healthy, balanced meal. You also look over the ingredients in each meal…lucky for you, Chef Nightly only delivers “food with integrity.” We like the sound of that.chef nightly
  4. With the click of a button, you order your dinner. Unlike other offerings, Chef Nightly meals are prepared and cooked at time of order so they don’t taste like airline food after sitting in a delivery vehicle waiting for customers to order. Freshness matters.
  5. Your dinner arrives, you munch happily away and relish in the fact that you’re eating a meal from a nice, quality restaurant and not that grimy place your roommate just ordered from.

Hungry yet? Download the Chef Nightly app on Google Play or the Apple Store today!  And of course, Chef Nightly has hooked us up with a pretty sweet deal: use code FitUniversity for $2 off your first order. 

*We may have to apologize for tempting you…Chef Nightly is currently only available in Boston and NYC. and tell them to open up in your city!*

chef nightly