Unfortunately, finals week is inevitable. If anyone has figured out a logistical way to avoid it, please enlighten me, enlighten all of us.

I don’t want to take anything away from it because yes finals week is a challenge, but in my opinion it has such a stigma behind it that it ends up being harder than it should. It is so talked up, kind of like Organic Chemistry– is it just my university, or is that course talked up like none other? I am not even in the course and I know when every single exam is because the world seems like it’s ending every time they come around. Yes, I know it is hard, but about 5,000 other courses are just as hard, if not harder.  I just went through a Computer Science course that took on average 40 hours per weekly project, and you don’t see me preaching that to the entire campus.

The point I am making here is that when a course, or an event, is talked up in a negative sense, our perceptions of it change and we make it harder on ourselves. We get so wrapped up in the idea that it is so “supposedly hard” that it actually becomes so. 

How many times have you seen or heard people talk about not showering, or not sleeping during finals week? I’m sorry, but come on, that’s a little ridiculous. You can easily avoid those things. 

If you’ve gotten to that point, you’re not doing something right. That’s what I want to share with you today: my tips to get through finals season feeling confident and (most importantly) without going to those extremes.

1. Make A Schedule

Right now, write down your finals schedule.  Then, go one step farther and make a loose plan on how you plan to spend your studying time. By having scheduled blocks, everything is bound to get done, and you have subject switches to look forward to.

2. Jam Out

Put together a playlist of songs that make you happy and are not distracting so you have something to look forward to and can drown out the chatter and distractions.

3. Move your booty.

Not even with a workout, which I actually do recommend, but simply by moving your studying locale. By varying up your surroundings, you are refreshing your brain and your body.

Library, bakery, Wegmans, cafe, study room… the options are endless.  If you are going to school down south, go OUTSIDE! I slightly envy you.

4. Sleep.

RE: above. I know we all know that sleep is important, but for some reason in college we tend to block out that knowledge.  I promise you that if you stay up all night studying and then attempt to take your exam the next morning, you are going to suffer.  Your brain needs sleep to function.

Also, solid time to throw in the fact that your brain needs food to function too– don’t forget to eat, and don’t forget to eat well. Get those healthy fats, that lean protein, and those occasional treats to make you happy. 

5. Breaks. Take them.

I’ve never preached that, right? Actually, pretty sure I did the other day. Breaks are great. Breaks are wonderful. Breaks refresh. Breaks rejuvenate. Breaks inspire. I don’t care what you do on your breaks, just take them please. I like to workout on mine; here is my CollegeFit workout guide with short, effective workouts.  

6. I want to end with this one: don’t psych yourself out.

You have been learning this material for months, you’ve done problem sets, you’ve had midterms and prelims, you know this material, and you GOT THIS.  Don’t put yourself at a disadvantage by convincing yourself that you aren’t ready. You Make You #amiright?

Now, go kill it!

xoxo Colby

College friends check out my CollegeFit guide, a full guide to successfully balancing heath and happiness in college, it’s only $0.99!

About The Author

Colby Triolo is a knowledge hungry fitness lover. She is at Cornell University studying Computer Science Engineering and someday hopes to change the virtual fitness world. Colby is a Certified Personal Trainer and loves all things fitness. She also thinks the beach is the best place in the world. (IG makeyou)

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