So you signed up for ClassPass.

Go you: the whole city is now at your fit fingertips. (If you have yet to sign up, I have good news for you: we have an exclusive Fit U promo waiting for ya right here and guess what? Your first month will only cost ONE DOLLAR. For real.)

You log on, click the class schedule, and immediately pause.

Oh my god. You’re overwhelmed: there are nearly 100 classes on this list. With so many options, how are you ever supposed to decide which class to take?!

Well, never fear: this science-backed, not-at-all-subjective method is foolproof for figuring out which class is right for you.

Here’s what you should sign up for, based on your college major. 

Business: Strength training

These classes will give you all the results you need to feel like Clark Kent (or Lois Lane) under your tailored suit. 

Plus, this is something you can TOTALLY bro about with fellow fitness buffs at networking meetings. Not to mention the networking you could achieve at the class itself. No cardio = no out-of-breath inability to talk to your neighbor. Compare lifts, talk start-ups. Two birds, one stone. (And you’re ALL about efficiency.)

Try ClassPass for $1.

Psychology: Yoga

You’ve studied the benefits of meditation and stretching. You’ve been taught to recommend the practice to your future patients. So if you’re ever stressed about school, work, internships, or just life in general, you know the yoga studio is the place for you. 

English: Aerial Arts

It’s possible you won’t look like this girl on your first day. But you don’t read a classic novel in a day, either; you’ve got the patience and dedication this activity requires. 

You’re all about seeing the world from a new perspective. This class, complete with graceful movements and effective core work, will provide you with all that new perspective you’ve been craving. Added bonus: the focused atmosphere and individual, skill-based style of the class will give you lots of time for internal monologue. 

Engineering: TRX

You’re always up to date with the up-and-coming technologies of the modern day. TRX, used in military training of the Navy, is the newest in affordable and, for lack of a better word, AWESOME fitness technology. 

Whether you look like this: 

or this: 

on your first day is no object to you, either. This class, like many other things in your daily life, is just yet another struggle for which you can just blame physics. 

Pre-Med: HIIT/Cardio

With all the homework and residencies and clinicals and MCATs approaching, you’re not wasting any time. These classes are all about efficiency. 20 minutes of HIIT can reap the same results as an hour of steady-state cardio, and you’ve read the medical studies to prove it. 

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Pre-Law: Barre

There’s something you love about taking the old (ballet) and adapting it to fit something new. The same happens with the Constitution and other U.S. laws; you’re (understandably) drawn to the adapted art form. 

With the mountains of dull reading you’re expected to do already, you’ve got patience for the slow improvement in flexibility and core strength. Plus, all of the holds and pulses in uncomfortable positions will give you ample time to work on your resting bitch face.

Finance/Accounting: Gym Time

Time in = time out. You know these cold, hard facts like the back of your hand. 

Gym time means you get to do whatever you want with ALL of the gym’s equipment, for a whole hour. You’re a big fan of crunching the numbers, and that value clearly the biggest bang for your buck. 

Criminal Justice: Martial Arts

One day, you’re going to be face-to-face with the real criminals of the world. For now, though, you get to practice your self-defense skills on imaginary opponents in one of these classes. Plus you’ll get to look and feel like a total badass.

Ok, maybe just feel like one. Maybe someday you’ll look intimidating– once you have the uniform to help you out.

Try ClassPass for $1.

Women’s Studies: Kickboxing


You’re more than ready to get your kickboxing gloves on (especially after you’ve seen how amazing your female strong-woman pop idol, Taylor Swift, looks sporting the gear). 

Kickboxing is all about feeling empowered to defend yourself, and that’s a feeling you love. Unlike boxing, you don’t fight against other people (non-violent protest, for the win). Instead, you practice the moves bodyweight, which is how you would realistically be defending yourself from a situation were you were suddenly endangered. 

Political Science: Cycle/Spin 

The cult-like followings of high-end cycle studios are SO HYPED about the spin studios they attend. Their dedication reminds you of the commitment you’ll one day dedicate to your political party or candidate. 

Plus, these classes can’t help but appeal to your competitive side. Some studios keep track of your ride stats and send them to you after class. Your eyes rave over these charts and graphs like they’re eating up appealing poll results.  

So now that you know exactly what to sign up for, you’ve got nothing to lose. Want to try out any and all of these classes for yourself? Click HERE for a limited-time Fit University promo. 

About The Author

Holly is a senior at Northeastern University from Boca Raton, FL, where she is a double major in English and Mathematics. She loves books, math, and all things nerdy, as well as fitness. Holly is a group fitness instructor at her school's gym and at BURN Fitness Studios. Her favorite classes right now focus on HIIT training and cardio boxing.

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