So you want my fitness story?  I don’t really think I have one.  

After putting so many miles in on the treadmill, one day I just walked into the weight room. I don’t know why, but I did know that  being surrounded by people stronger than me didn’t scare me. It gave me the “strength” — no pun intended — to work harder so I could keep up with the rest.  



I liked the feeling of burning muscles, pouring sweat and feeling like I may cry out of exhaustion because I knew I could push through that weakness.  This would discourage most people from ever walking into the weight room again, but I knew I had found my sport, and I knew I wanted to get better.

Now, I live for callused hands and soaked through shirts. I live for that moment when I can push the last rep of a personal record, put the bar down, and do a little happy dance because what I thought I couldn’t do, I just did.

No one can deadlift for you. No one can push past that limit for you. No one can tell you where and when your comfort zone ends. You have to find it, you have to journey through it, and you have to go even further. It’s all you. And that’s what I love the most.

When my mind tells me to stop, that’s when I have to tell it, “No, Eileen. You can do this.” 

So you want my fitness story?  I don’t have a story, because its not over.  

Each day when I step foot into the gym, there’s a new goal. Form, focus, reps, whatever, it all leads to the main event. 

Each day I get up and I train, making the choice to work towards my goal of walking on the NPC stage.  Each day I make the choice to work towards the day where I’ll earn my IFBB Pro card and the day where I’ll qualify for the Olympia roster.  Each day I work towards the day where they announce my name as Ms. Bikini Olympia.

Each day I get up and I train.  And that’s why.

So you want my fitness story?  Just keep reading, keep watching, and see for yourself how it unfolds.

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About The Author

NYC bound, but currently a junior at Miami University, Eileen gets through long hours of studying Public Health and Nutrition by drinking at least 4 cups of coffee a day. When she's not looking up cute animal videos on YouTube, she can be found intensely picking things up and putting them down at her school's gym. One day you will be able to pick up an issue of her health and fitness magazine at your local newsstand, but for now, check her out t on Instagram!

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