Confidence is a key to success in anything that you do, whether that be passing an exam, playing on a sports team, joining Greek Life, or even just sitting alone in the dining hall (freshman year, anyone?).

Based on my own experience, here are some tips that helped me gain self-confidence:

Focus on yourself 

You are on your own journey! One person is not going to have the same journey as someone else, so it’s important to focus on you and what your goals are. 

Morning confidence

Look in the mirror every morning before doing anything, and tell yourself a few (I normally pick 3) things that you are proud about. An example may be “You are kind.”

Have an off day

Bad days, we all have them. One thing I’ve learned is that it is important to not dwell on bad moments or negative thoughts. I used to drown myself in all my negative thoughts and one day I decided that I did not want to bring myself down anymore. I started to write down my bad thoughts and feelings, and then throw it out or talk to my mom about it. This helped release all my negative energy so I can allow myself to focus on my confidence and have positive energy!

Everyone has their own approach to life’s obstacles but in the end it is crucial to find what is best for you. Confidence doesn’t happen overnight, but be patient, stay positive and believe in yourself and one day, that confidence will spark!

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