The dining hall is pretty much like Disney World the first few times you’re there. So much food, so much possibility, so much disappointment (who are we kidding, the food’s never really that good).

It’s an all-you-can-eat buffet so naturally, you have to eat all you can eat. But really… you don’t. That all-you-can-eat-buffet is going to be there nearly every meal for the next year or so and guess, what? The food’s not going anywhere. It’s going to be there breakfast, lunch and dinner, every day for the rest of the semester so seriously, chill out. You wouldn’t go to a restaurant and order pizza, tacos, and a burger so why would you eat all of that in one sitting at the dining hall?

A step-by-step guide to eating healthy in the dining hall:

  1. Take a walk around the dining hall to see what’s being served  
  2. Build a plate based on balanced nutrition
  3. Grab a glass of water
  4. Consider dessert…do you actually want dessert or are you just having it because it’s available? If you decide you really do want dessert, keep your portions in mind and maintain moderation. 1-2 cookies is moderate…2 cookies, a piece of cake and ice cream is not moderate.  

Healthy dining hall hacks:

  • Ask for sauces (which tend to be loaded with fat & sugar) on the side…this gives you the ability to control how much you add to your meal
  • Replace salad dressing with lemon juice, salt & pepper
  • Ask for no bread when ordering a burger or sandwich (or have it opened-face: only 1 slice of bread)
  • Add sliced fruit to your water for added flavor instead of having juice
  • Bring a few plastic bags to the dining hall with you. Fill them with veggies for a mid-day snack

Need some healthy plate ideas? We got ya covered.

Salad with cheese, craisins & quinoa from Fit University ambassador Abby.

Chicken, sweet potatoes & veggies with a side of Parks & Rec from Fit NU official foodie, Hannah.

 Chicken, beans, sugar snap peas & quinoa from Fit University ambassador Charlotte.

 Chicken, fish, rice & salad from Fit NU President, John.

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