I know it sounds crazy –  how would a stress fracture benefit anyone’s life?

When the doctor first told me I’d be confined to a boot on my right foot for at least the next six weeks, I wasn’t exactly thrilled. No more exercise classes, no more speed-walking to class, and it’s not like a big bulky boot is a fashion statement, either.

I’d now be taking the faulty university bus to class every day and limiting my workouts to the stationary bike. I’m someone who loves fitness and working out; this wasn’t exactly my ideal situation. 

I spent the first day with my boot anxious and upset. The first week without exercise was torture. Working out is my ultimate stress reliever; this left me tense and strained as the gym-less week dragged on. I was hesitant to eat some of my favorite weekly treats (I’m looking at you Ben & Jerry’s) because I hadn’t done a workout to justify it (read here about why you don’t need to justify your food with exercise).

All in all, I was irritable, anxious, and overall a bundle of stress. Just a few days ago, I really sat down and started to think about the situation I was in. 

I have always been someone who preaches balance and moderation with everything. So why was I now letting this situation question my beliefs? I began to realize maybe I wasn’t as balanced as I thought I was. Working out shouldn’t be something you’re obligated to do – it should be a choice you make to better yourself. Yet here I was, stressing out over missing workouts and beating myself up about it. That is when I decided that my body needed the rest to fully recover so my workouts could be that much better in the future.  

After adopting this mindset, I came to terms with the situation I was in and decided to make the best of it, instead of constantly worrying. This was a wake up call to myself to redefine what balance means to me.

The few workouts I have been able to do have made me so grateful for the ability to move my body and better myself. Although 6 weeks still seems daunting, I truly think this experience will allow me to preach moderation and balance more honestly than I do now. While working out is and always will be a huge part of my life, my stress fracture was actually a blessing in disguise. 

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About The Author

Julia is a second year Dietetics major with a minor in Disabilities studies at the University of Delaware. She is passionate about healthy living and helping people be the best that they can be. When she is not in the kitchen working on her healthy culinary creations, you will find her in the UD pool with the club swim team. Check out her healthy food Instagram ss.

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