Ahhh Thanksgiving break.

Time off from class…food…friends…food…time off from studying…family…food…so much to look forward to.

It’s safe to say that Thanksgiving (and the rest of Thanksgiving break) is filled with one thing…FOOD. Why not whip up some healthy options to have alongside your turkey and cranberry sauce on Thursday? You’ve got access to your parents’ kitchen and their pots and pans, which is a huuuuge upgrade from your microwave and fridge in your dorm room… you might as well take advantage and make one of these 14 easy healthy Thanksgiving recipes. Maybe your parents will even pay for the groceries too 😀

1. Pumpkin spice popcorn

The perfect appetizer. Who doesn’t love popcorn? Pumpkin spice popcorn…even better.

2. Pumpkin sage biscuits

Biscuits…possibly one of the best carbs out there. Even better when made with pumpkin and sage, I promise. PS – this recipe is vegan friendly.

3. Sweet potato haystack truffle fries

This recipe includes truffle oil…need I say more? 

4. Spiced butternut squash wedges

Are you drooling? I’m drooling. The perfect combo of butternut squash sweetness with a little bit o’ spice. Need these now.

5. Autumn chopped salad

As in all meals, aim to have some greens at Thanksgiving dinner. This salad is the perfect way to do it.

6. Butternut squash and cranberry quinoa salad

On a day filled with tons of carbs, it’s nice to have a food besides turkey that’s filled with protein. Enter: quinoa. 

7. Butternut squash mac & cheese

Do we need an explanation for healthy mac & cheese? Mac & cheese is an American classic…you gotta make it on Thanksgiving.

8. Pumpkin sage penne

If mac & cheese isn’t your thing (which I’d be shocked if there’s someone out there who doesn’t like mac & cheese), here’s another delicious pasta option. It’s a great way to “feel fancy without actually putting a lot of work into something!”

9. Roasted brussel sprouts with apples & bacon

Brussel sprouts get a bad rap…but they’re delicious and filled with vitamins and fiber. Plus, anything is good when mixed with bacon.

10. Roasted rosemary carrots

If you’re not making this recipe for the taste, make it for table decor. Heirloom carrots look like the rainbow.

11. Kale, caramelized onion & apple stuffing

A new take on stuffing…with kale. How trendy of you.

12. Apple pie apples

Apple pie without the nutrition facts of apple pie. Even better, these apple pie apples are made by Fit NU’s foodie, Hannah!

13. Apple cinnamon coconut cookies

In case apple pie apples weren’t your thing, how about another dessert recipe with apples…apple cinnamon coconut cookies? Count me in.

14. Crazy good yet unbelievably healthy pumpkin pie

The title says it all…see for yourself. I’ve gotta admit…I don’t know if this recipe is definitely easy, but it’s definitely worth it.

Word count

Butternut: 4
Pumpkin: 7
Apple(s): 14

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