If you are like me, you took the opportunity this summer to work on your health and fitness without the added stress of school. But now that you are packing up your comfortable childhood bedroom and getting ready move back to college, you must be thinking, “How am I ever going to keep this lifestyle up?”

Take it from someone whose summer consists of training for at least five days a week and cooks almost every day (hint: it’s me). It is possible and the key to it is three simple words:


On campus, I am involved in numerous activities: Greek Life, football games, social life and most importantly school. Specific to this semester, I have an internship and a 2-month-old Australian Shepherd.

This is Indiana “Indy” Roux! He has an Instagram .

Throughout my college years, I’ve discovered that balancing your life in college really is a science. I’ve learned to take time on the weekend to plan out my weeks and see what time is available for studying and most importantly myself. 

When school starts, I aim to work out every other day, relieving stress and helping me clear my mind. It can be difficult to make it to my Crossfit Box so I alter the program for the day so I can do it in my school’s gym or do RomWod instead (if you haven’t tried this amazing program you should really look into it).

When it comes to community it is so important to get yourself involved with people who are like-minded, especially when it comes to fitness. Having friends who text you and ask if you have gone to the gym that day or who offer to go with you are essential to have. University fitness centers are a convenient source for group fitness classes, but it can be daunting to go into a class by yourself. Despite this, it’s a good opportunity to meet and talk to new people. (If you are lucky enough to go to a school that has a Fit U chapter there is a community of people right there!)

Lastly, there is drive. “If you want something bad enough you will fight for it.” Sometimes, your workout isn’t going to be enjoyable but its benefits in the long run will impact you for life.

I hope these three simple words will be something to keep in mind this semester so all that hard work you put in this summer doesn’t go to waste. Now go hit the books and kick this semester in the butt.

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