This weekend, Fit University hosted the first annual Fit University Symposium for our incredible team of ambassadors and chapter leaders in the Boston area. It was a chance to bring everyone together to have fun, workout, eat and learn. Here’s how the day went down:

12:30pm – Thirty Fit University ambassadors & chapter leaders gather at BFX Studio on Boylston St. 

12:45pm – We play a game of Fit U Bingo to get to know each other. It’s crazy how many students on our team only know each other through social media. Fit U Bingo was a way to break the ice and meet everyone in “real life.”


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1:15pm – Workout begins. Nobody has any idea what they’re getting themselves into. This workout is no joke. One hour, spent half on a spin bike, half on the floor. The spin portion includes heavy hills, sprints and short recoveries. Floor work includes sandbags, TRX bands, and intervals. There is not a dry shirt in the room…Rob Wood & Alex Grossomanides completely kick our ass. Try a BFX Class for yourself – they’ve got student discounts 😉

“The Symposium was the best fitness event I’ve ever been to. The workout was a challenging combination of cardio and strength and the instructor perfectly matched the intensity to the music. The healthy food and drink from sponsors was also much appreciated after a tough workout.

Concise truth is that it was fucking awesome! Everyone who didn’t go really missed out.” – Cam R., Fit NU Community Manager

2:15pm – Workout ends, we all drain the sweat out of our shirts and WE EAT. Lunch was provided by b.good and it was exactly what we needed to refuel post workout. 


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2:30pm -The Fit U team also gets to try Biena Foods, these delicious chickpea snacks filled with protein and fiber. Top flavors seem to be a toss up between Cinnamon Crunch & BBQ. Highly recommended.  We all take chickpea shots with Biena. Because this is is college. And we take shots in college. Cheers to Fit U!


2:45pm – We head into a Master Class with Rob Wood & Jenny Hanway of BFX. Main topic of conversation: “How to influence change on your campus.” We talk about leadership & qualities that make up a good leader. We break up into groups and draw our ideal “Fit U Campus.” My team decides that our campus will have rock climbing walls on the side of dorm buildings. Anything is possible at Fit U.

— Nina Stepanov

3:30pm – The team heads out of the master class and gets ready to leave. They make their own healthy swag bag of healthy snacks, because that’s how we do at Fit U. Swag bags include Justin’s nut butter, Hint Water, Quest bars & protein powder.



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3:45pm – We leave BFX excited, inspired and ready for a kick ass semester. We begin our countdown to the Fit University Symposium 2017. Want to join the Fit U team and attend events like the Symposium? Here’s how you can get involved! 

“The Fit University Symposium was by far the highlight of my freshman year of college. Coming together with a group of peers who are so willing to become leaders and make a change not by being perfect, or by being like some other health and fitness stars, but simply by being themselves and finding their own unique ways to stay fit and healthy was so refreshing. The joy and passion with which these students shared fitness was infectious, and I am MORE than excited to be a part of a team that’s so willing to make a difference in such a fun and approachable way!!” – Jess C., Fit NU ambassador

Check out the video above to get an inside glimpse to the Fit University Symposium! 

A huge thank you to BFX Studio for hosting us! Extra shout out to Rob Wood, Jenny Hanway & Alex Grossomanides for kicking our ass & leading an inspiring workshop. Check out our sponsors b.good, Biena Foods, Justin’s & Quest Nutrition..all Fit U approved for living healthy in college.