If you haven’t tried TRX, now’s the time.

Time: 25 minutes

Type of Workout: Strength and HIIT

Sh*t You Need: TRX and a timer

Intensity: High

Body Target: Full body

The Workout:

The exercises alternate between lower body and upper body. On the lower body exercises, you want to focus on explosive speed. 
On the upper body, you want to emphasize depth and difficulty. Move slowly to feel the tension throughout the entire movement. 

Complete 4 rounds of the following exercises. Perform each exercise once for 20 seconds all out, and then take a 10 second break before moving to the next exercise: 
1. Jump Squat
2. Row
3. Plyo Lunge
4. Fly
5. Skater
6. Bicep Curl
7. Sprinters’ Starts (hop optional)
8. Tricep Extensions

Finish with 10 minutes of your favorite TRX core exercises. Some suggestions include: 
- hamstring curls
- pike
- oblique crunches
- mountain climbers
- front plank
- side plank
- atomic push-ups
- glute bridge hold

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This workout was contributed by Karen Ma (Purdue University/George Washington University). Check out her for more. 

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