It’ll be a walk in the park. 

Time: approximately 60 minutes, depending on speed

Type of Workout: cardio, core strength

Sh*t You Need: a swing, space to run

Intensity: High

Body Target: Full body

The Workout:

Warm up: 1 mile jog

1 mile alternating jog + sprint
1 mile run
1 mile alternating jog + 10 broad squat jumps
1 mile jog + stop 4 times during jog (1: 20 push ups, 2: 20 leg raises, 3: 20 hanging knee tucks on bar--if park doesn’t have a bar just do another ab exercise, 4: 20 box jumps on bench)

Swing workout: Complete 3 rounds of the following exercises. 
20 knee tucks 
- Find a plank position with your legs on the swing and your hands on the ground. Now slowly tuck both knees beneath your stomach, keeping your feet on the swing.
20 swing squats
- Grab the chains of the swing. Lean backwards, and keep the chains taut as you pull down into a squat. The closer your feet are to the swing, the more work will gone into your legs.
20 pikes 
- From a plank position, pike your butt up into the air so your body looks like an upside-down V. Slowly lower back down to plank position. This completes one rep.

Cool down: ½ mile jog

This workout was contributed by Taylor Glinane (Fairleigh Dickinson University). Check out her for more. 

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