Get dem glutes growin.

Time: 60 minutes

Type of Workout: Strength conditioning mixed with HIIT

Sh*t You Need: Dumbbells or weighted bars, bench or step, mini loop resistance band

Intensity: High

Body Target: Hamstrings, glutes, quads

The Workout:

First, warm up.

40 body weight squats
30 lunges (15/leg)
20 squat pulses
20 curtsey lunges (15/leg)
10 squat jumps

Static stretch. Then, complete the following...

Circuit 1
Weighted side step ups x 10/leg
Body weight speed step ups x 10/leg
Curtsey step ups x 10/leg

Rest 2 min, Repeat 3x

Circuit 2
Staggered-stance deadlifts x 10/leg
Lying hamstring dumbbell curl x 20
Glute bridge with resistance x 20

Rest 2 min, Repeat 3x

Circuit 3
Elevated sumo squats x 10
Seated squat jumps x 20
Banded squat steps x 30

Rest 2 min, Repeat 3x

Diagonal kick backs x 20/leg
Half moon kick backs x 20/leg
Donkey kick backs x 20/leg

Rest 1 min, Repeat 3x 

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