You might have heard of them – overnight oats are the new trend in make-ahead meals, and for good reason! In one portable breakfast, you’ve got your whole grains, protein, dairy or dairy substitute, fruit, AND healthy fats! What more could you want in a breakfast?

In three easy steps, you’ll be feeling like: 

The process is simple:

1. Start with your baseline.

This consists of oats, milk or a milk substitute, and some Greek yogurt. My preferred ratio is:

  • ½ cup of oats
  • ½ cup of milk or milk substitute, such as almond or soy milk
  • ¼ cup of plain nonfat Greek yogurt (though this depends on what else I’m putting in there)

2. (Optional) Add in some protein powder.

I think protein powder is a great way to sweeten your oats without using any sugar or other additives – plus, the protein punch is a great nutrition boost, especially if you like to workout in the AM. The protein will keep you full for longer, too! I’ve been using Quest Protein Powder individual packets, and they’ve turned out fantastic.

(Note: if I add in protein powder, I usually skip the yogurt. The protein powder makes it thick enough on its own! You might also want to add more milk if you’re using protein powder, to help with the added thickness)

3. Add in your toppings!

These can be anything your little heart desires! I usually go with fruit and a nut or nut butter to get in some delicious nutrients and healthy fats. Make sure you have enough sweetness in there, too! For sweetening your oats without just adding straight-up refined sugar, I recommend using cinnamon, honey, vanilla extract, agave nectar, or sweet fruit options!


Check out these 5 ideas for some delicious overnight oats to jazz up your morning!

About The Author

Holly is a senior at Northeastern University from Boca Raton, FL, where she is a double major in English and Mathematics. She loves books, math, and all things nerdy, as well as fitness. Holly is a group fitness instructor at her school's gym and at BURN Fitness Studios. Her favorite classes right now focus on HIIT training and cardio boxing.

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