Never eat boring toast again. 

Toast is a reputable snack choice, there’s no doubt. With a healthy mix of carbs and fats, it’s a great quick way to eat something yummy and substantial between meals.

But when you’re just eating bread and butter every day, it can get pretty dull. Well, I’m here to tell you that that’s totally unnecessary: these Instagrammers have got this whole “toast” thing down, and replicating their ideas is easier than you’d think. 

1. Mix your sweet and savory. 


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 One slice fruity, one slice eggy. No yawns from this girl this morning, that’s for sure. 


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And this greek yogurt tuna salad is a perfect healthy way to sneak in some more protein. 

2. One word: yogurt.


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Get a little extra protein in there with your sweet snack by spreading greek yogurt on your toast before adding fruit and other toppings. 

3. Make your own (healthier) jam. 


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It’s as easy as microwaving berries, mashing them with a fork, microwaving them again, and BAM. Sweet, juicy, no-added-sugars-in-this-corner HEAVEN. 

4. Get seasonal.

Make like this gal and find some seasonal-flavored nut butter (pumpkin spice PB, say WHAAAAT?!) and in-season figs. 


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Or, you know, use whatever in-season fruits you have at your disposal. Really any of them work like magic.  

5. Use allllll of the superfoods. 


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This classy gal used a nice mix of seeds, but you can choose whatever nutrient-dense toppings your heart desires. 

6. Put an egg on it. 


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No, I don’t mean just plain old eggs and toast. Scramble some eggs with cheese, and each bite will taste HEAVENLY with cheesy, yolk-y goodness. 

7. Add more grains. 


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Who doesn’t love carbs? Adding some puffed grains or granola can take your toast to the next level. 

8. Use greens. 


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Getting more greens in your diet is never a bad thing. And there are lots and lots to choose from. 

9. Don’t use bread. 

WOAH. Game = changed.

Use sweet potato like this foodie: 


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Or even try fruit slices if you’re feelin’ extra sweet: 


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10. Stick with the tried and true. 


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Sometimes all you really need is a good, trustee slice of avo toast. AVOCADOS FOR LIFE. 

I’ll toast to that 😏.

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Holly is a senior at Northeastern University from Boca Raton, FL, where she is a double major in English and Mathematics. She loves books, math, and all things nerdy, as well as fitness. Holly is a group fitness instructor at her school's gym and at BURN Fitness Studios. Her favorite classes right now focus on HIIT training and cardio boxing.

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