So maybe you’ve heard of Fit University.

“Ha!” you might be thinking. “Another overly hyped club of weightlifting, protein-guzzling bro-dudes.”

Or maybe you’re like, “I’m not fit, so I can’t do that.”

Or maybe, “Running sucks, bye.” Or, “Donuts are great so there’s no way that club’s for me.”

Ohhhh, man. You don’t even know how wrong you are.

Yeah, Fit U’s got some weightlifters. We’ve also got some dancers. Some foodies. Some yoga-loving book nerds, some outgoing sports captains, and even some hikers who love to march into the woods and just get lost in them.

What do those people do? They get to share their stories, share their passions, come up with their own ideas and bring those ideas to life. Through Fit University’s platform and community, some of the best, most motivated people get to do their thang and CRUSH IT. The results of these combined efforts? That is what Fit U is.


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We have occasional weightlifting meet-ups, sure. We also have events with glow yoga. For Bollywood dancing. For eating. For studying. And for plain old hanging out, because we all kinda enjoy being around each other.

And separately from the events, we tend to talk, laugh, and lift each other up through each and every one of our individual passions and pursuits.

If you’re part of the Fit University community, you already know how lucky you are. If you’re not: I’m here to explain to you what the hype is all about, and to let you know that considering becoming involved in Fit University is not only a fantastic idea, but also miles more rewarding than joining any other fitness/health-related club you stumble upon. There’s a reason students like Robert Huang  have described their time with Fit U as “[their] most fulfilling semester in [their] college career.”

Don’t believe it? Here are the top 5 reasons Fit University is so much more than just your average club about fitness, as told by the students themselves.

1. The community is strong, insanely supportive, and so much fun.


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Fit University has brought people together:

"Fit U has allowed me to connect and meet more people at my school doing something I love." - Reilley Fellner
"Through my involvement with FitU, I've found a community of like-minded people who care about their health and who love working out, but also people who are real. Who've struggled with the same things I have, who've struggled with the same things many, many college students have." - Nancy Chen

Connected common interests of those who may have formerly felt alone:

"I've always been passionate about fitness, but I never had a group of people that felt the same way about it as me. I honestly rarely talked about my love for working out or being fit because I didn't want to be "that kid". Fit University has allowed me to become a part of a community of people that understand and share the same interests as me. It has allowed me to open up more about my passions and want to share it with everyone." - Jessica Jobber
"Fit University has been the community I never even knew I'd been looking for." - Tanvi Ahuja
"Fit University made me realize that there are more of "us" out there." - Leonie Dupius

Provided a system of support through the more difficult times:

"On a personal level, Fit University has allowed me to connect with others who have similar passions but also similar struggles when it comes to health and fitness." - Alison Yeung

And formed a new, influential network of go-getters to flaunt it all:

"Fit University has impacted me by giving me a platform to connect with numerous other health professionals and other college students who are just as passionate about health and fitness as me." - Christina Chu

As Rebekah Marin (Northeastern University) puts it, Fit University “created an avenue for me to meet new people in a healthy environment (which isn’t always the easiest thing to do…) and since joining I’ve met and been inspired by so many awesome people.”

2. It brings out the best in people.


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It creates leaders:

"Fit university has gave me the opportunity to be the leader that never thought I could be." - Jacqueline Borges


"Fit University has inspired me to embrace my own personal fitness/food story and OWN the shit out of it." - Hannah Liistro


"Fit University has inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and do things I wouldn't typically do." - Christina Warriner

And all-around healthier and happier students, each and every day:

"FitU has impacted me by giving me accountability to approach health and fitness in a truly balanced and HEALTHY manner. I'm not exaggerating when I say this organization has not only changed my lifestyle, but changed ME (for the better)." - Jessica Calderon

3. It breaks free from the mold (i.e., it’s NO BULLSH*&).


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As ambassador Alison Yeung puts it, “There is so much negativity, shaming, and extremism surrounding the fitness industry… Fit University is a breath of fresh air.”

It’s main goal? Spreading the truth about health and fitness. An attainable truth, a real truth, and a truth that’s different for each and every person who’s part of it.

“Fit U is a voice of reason in a world that’s telling everyone you have to go to all sorts of extremes to be fit." - Ellen Slater
“[Fit University] shows everyone that there is not one definition of "fit" and that is attainable for everyone.” - Jacqueline Borges

In other words? Fit University is real.

"FitU provide[s] such honest inspiration for #fitgoals and #balance, as well as realistic support for all types of students to enjoy life and fitness." - Kate Farrell

And people: the truth can set you free.

I used to work out because I wanted to have a perfect body. Fit U has helped me see that fitness is NOT about being perfect. Fitness should enhance, not consume, your life. Fit U help[ed] me realize that I am good enough the way that I am." - Becca Paul
"Fit University has change the way I view health. Before, I saw it as physical fitness and eating well; I now view it as a whole body experience including physical, emotional, and mental components." - Jessica Orpen

In summary? Fit University promotes “all kinds of fitness expertise, knowledge and supportive subjects like nutrition and community into this idea that everyone can be fit and have fun in college.” – Maddy Hunt

4. It inspires purpose in its members and never fails to motivate.


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Through Fit University’s platform, students like Christina Chu have been provided with purpose and drive. “It launched me in a higher position that I would never be able to reach without Fit U.” Now, Christina is an Editor for her own team of writers, motivates people daily with her articles and inspiration, and does it all with her community by her side.

It inspires when you want to try something new:

"Fit University has encouraged me to work out, experiment with healthy recipes, and share those experiences with a positive and supportive fitness community." Alyse Jung

It’s motivated by campus leaders:

"Fit University has taken me out of my comfort zone and given me the ability to become a positive influence on campus." - Eliza Hunt

And those leaders are motivated right back:

"Fit University also motivates me to work harder at my goals because I want to be able to lead by example.  Being in an environment where there is only positivity is motivating in itself, and had a positive impact on my mental health." - Sarah Phillips

And speaking of mental health…

"Fit U has impacted me by making me confident in the skin I'm in!" - Lauren Dell
AM: FIT U has allowed me to challenge the stigma associated with obesity and foster a supportive, encouraging community." - Anmol Mathani

Those accomplishments are more than worthy to brag about, if you ask me.

If you’re not already convinced, the final reason Fit University is a big freaking deal is….

5. It’s run by the newly-vegan, go-getter, somehow-in-a-sorority, 1-2-1-2 chanting, food-loving, #bouldashoulda building SARAH GAINES.


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The only person I know who has both taught me how to figure out lift numbers for a leg workout and shortly afterwards revealed her inner #basic and Starbucks expertise (“Oh my god, you mean you’ve never eaten a lavender macaroon?!”). Whose presence motivates the kids she babysits to come up with ways to workout in at their local playground. (8 year olds probably doing pull-ups and putting us all to shame.)

Today, September 9th, is her birthday. And we’re here to 1) congratulate her on what she’s created (which as you can probably tell by now, is pretty damn amazing), and 2) express to you all how kick-a$$ of a person she really is. Not only because she made this inspiring, forever-flexing, high-achieving community of fit students, but for a million other reasons, too.

Sarah goes above and beyond to be there for other people. She’s always there whenever you need her, and is pretty dang inspiring, too. If a new opportunity arises, never mind being already crazy busy– she makes it work. She puts in the time and gets the results. Not to mention she can make you laugh in half a second when you need it– all the while keeping it together and simultaneously dedicating so so many hours to making her dream a reality with Fit University. 

If you do get to hang with her or meet her through Fit U or any other capacity, I’m truly happy for you. Undoubtedly, she’ll motivate you to do and accomplish something awesome.

Here’s what those of us who have already had the privilege have to say:

“She has a heart of gold and the work ethic of an entire army and her efforts are so appreciated by tons of people.” – Samantha Poccia

“[Her] positive attitude and sense of drive are contagious.” – Emily Hartman

“Sarah is an entirely different kind of person. She is so motivated, that it has to be coded into her genetic makeup.” – Maddy Hunt

“I am constantly motivated by Sarah’s tenacity, enthusiasm, and drive. She genuinely loves what she does day in and day out.” – Hannah Liistro

“Sarah [has] impacted me by always being so understanding and encouraging!” – Lauren Dell

“Where do I begin? [Sarah is] a one-of-a-kind, inhaler of love and life, so great! …  a friend to me, a leader at Fit U, an inspirer and an overall amazing human being.” – Ali Matalon

“Sarah [is] such an inspiring leader, mentor, and woman. … incredibly brave, compassionate, and conscientious. I cannot imagine a better role model for a community of fitness minded college students.” – Hannah Heitz

It’s pretty clear: Fit U (so accurately put by Alison Yeung) is “an ever-growing empire that changes lives for the better.”

“[Fit U] has allowed me to be more confident and embrace who I am and what I love to do.” – Jessica Jobber

“FitU has had an incredibly positive impact on my life!” – Genny Hepworth

“It has impacted so many college students’ lives!” – Kateryna 

“It furthered my knowledge on what it means to live a healthy, balanced college lifestyle and how to have FUN while doing it.” – Rebekah Marin

And as said by Nancy Chen, Fit University’s social media coordinator, Fit U is a group of students “who know how to hustle, to get things done, to manage their health, fitness, and work, and who are passionate about what they do and how they impact others.”

Which begs the question: what will we do next?

About The Author

Holly is a senior at Northeastern University from Boca Raton, FL, where she is a double major in English and Mathematics. She loves books, math, and all things nerdy, as well as fitness. Holly is a group fitness instructor at her school's gym and at BURN Fitness Studios. Her favorite classes right now focus on HIIT training and cardio boxing.

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