No time for the gym? Here’s a quick outdoor HIIT workout to get your heart rate up. Bonus points if it’s a sunny day (gotta get that vitamin D.) 

Time: 20 minutes (or complete twice for 40 minutes) 

Type of Workout: HIIT

Sh*t You Need: Park bench

Intensity: High

Body Target: Full body

Perks: Fresh air 

The Workout: 

Complete 4 rounds of the following circuit. Perform each exercise for 45 seconds and then rest 15 seconds. Continue immediately to the next exercise until you complete all 5.

-Box jumps
-Push ups 
-Plyo step ups 
-Split squats 
-Mountain climbers


  • Bring a friend for some extra motivation. 🙂
  • Modify the rest times for easier or more difficult options. 
  • Look to the video above for demonstrations if needed.

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About The Author

Becca Paul is a Freshman at The George Washington University in the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences. She has a passion for fitness and for helping others. She is currently studying to become an ACE certified personal trainer.

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