4 workouts you don’t need the gym for. Happy Independence day, ya’ll. 

4th of July/Independence Day/July 4th has arrived for another year of BBQ’s, fireworks & celebrations. Before you spend your day drinking beer, eating burgers, and consuming all other things red, white & blue, start your day off by celebrating your independence from the gym.

Try one of these four workouts that require no equipment or gym at all (each created by our awesome Fit University ambassadors, btw.) And if these workouts weren’t enough, check out these Foodie Instagrams to inspire your healthiest 4th of July yet.

Gallon Water Workout

Who needs dumbbells anymore? Jess C. (Northeastern) uses a gallon water jug in place of a set of weights. #useyourresources



Lakeside Tabata Workout

Good news is, you really don’t need to be by a lake to do this workout (but the view certainly helps). 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off to honor this tabata style workout created by Jenna B. (Cornell).



Psssst: Try one of these 9 health 4th of July recipes post-workout.

Partner Workout in da Woodz

Ok, so you don’t really need to be in the woods for this workout. But again – like the lake – the change of scenery definitely makes things a bit more interesting. Grab your friend, mom, brother, or dog and try this no equipment workout courtesy of Colby T. (also Cornell).



Wall Workout

Got a wall? Good! You’ve got a workout –  no equipment need but that. Alison Y. (Boston University) put together this great circuit set to an even greater song. Can’t stop the feelin of how freaking good you’ll feel when you finish this workout.



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