Ahh, fall is here, greeting you with the smell of pumpkin spice and crisp leaves.

Though we are saying goodbye to beach workouts and swimming in the pool, autumn provides numerous ways to stay active without stepping foot in a gym. Need some ideas? Keep reading!

Take a hike

With all the beautiful fall foliage, who wouldn’t want to take a stroll? But sometimes you can run into obstacles. Be careful! 😂

Go apple picking

Apples are in season during autumn, so gather up some friends to go to your nearest orchard. Sneak some apple cider doughnuts while you’re at it. 😉

Throw around the ol’ pig skin

As fun as watching football can be, getting up and actually playing with your friends is even better.

Visit a pumpkin patch

Later, you can carve it (hello, forearms), or better yet, wear it like Dwight.

Run a race

Whether it be the Chicago Marathon or a local 5k, get those legs pumpin’.

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