So many times, we try to exercise using the newest, most cutting-edge techniques. We look online for the newest workout trends, we go to the gym and try some crazy-new devilish moves, we take underwater cycling, we go do glow-in-the-dark classes, but have we forgotten about the greatest WOD of them all?

Her name is Mother Nature and she is relentless, doesn’t take excuses, nor does she allow you to “skip a few steps.”

Wicklow Mountains

I am currently studying abroad in Ireland, and I decided to go explore the Wicklow Mountains. The bus I had hired (Irish-speak for “booked”) was leaving at noon, so I had arranged with my mental estimates to be back at the location around 11:45. Somewhere in the middle of my walk, I got lost. Me getting lost resulted in a 30-minute, uphill hike, crossing a river, jogging down the mountain, hiking back up the mountain, and then jogging 40 minutes to the bus stop making it back at 12:03. (The bus driver waited for me, thank goodness!)

As I was jogging back, internally hating myself for getting lost, I suddenly realized what a good workout I had just randomly gotten into my day. Which brings me to my point: go get lost. Grab a water bottle, make some GORP (good ol’ raisins and peanuts), take a GPS (unless you want to be super hardcore), and go get lost. Set a time limit for yourself along the lines of “I will go random routes for 60 minutes and then give myself 40 minutes to get back,” and you’ll be surprised at how challenging it will be (mentally and physically) to complete your mission! Not only will you get a killer workout in, but you will also get to inhale some fresh air, take in the beautiful scenery, and maybe even get a tan if the weather permits.

Sometimes you just need to bring it back to the basics; and that’s exactly what I’m going to do this next weekend. Except this time, I’m going to choose to get lost.

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