From the row machine to strength moves, this upper body workout leaves no muscle untouched.

Time: 60 minutes

Type of Workout: Strength and conditioning

Sh*t You Need: Row machine, resistant band, rings (or a barbell on a low rack), a box, exercise ball, and a bench

Intensity: Medium/high

Body Target: Abs, arms and back

Perks: Incorporates both cardio and strength 

The Workout:

Warm up: 5 minutes on row machine

Complete three sets of the following exercises:
10 standing rows w/ resistant band
5 burpees

2 minutes on row machine

3 sets: 
10 Ring rows
30 box touches/high knees (x3)

2 minutes on row machine

3 sets:
5 toe taps, 5 knees to chest w/ exercise ball
10 box jumps (x3)

2 minutes on row machine

3 sets: 
15 hop overs on bench
15 V ups on bench (x3)

Workout contributed by Olivia Kennedy (Jefferson College). Check out her  and for more. 

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