Treat your lower body to some high-intensity lovin’.

Time: 30 minutes

Type of Workout: Cardio, interval training

Sh*t You Need: either one set of dumbbells or one heavy weight

Intensity: High

Body Target: Lower body


The Workout:

Complete 20 reps of each of the following exercises in a circuit. 

Complete the circuit as many times as you can in 30 minutes then, complete one round of the "Finisher". 

- Side lunge + squat jump
- Squat with shoulder press
- Burpee with a tuck jump
- Squat and alternating leg lifts
- Speed skaters
- Weighted curtsy lunge
- Squat jump with a 180 degree turn
- In and out squat jumps
- Weighted step-ups

FINISHER: 20 of each
- Plank glute raises
- Single-leg glute bridge
- Fire hydrants
- Donkey kicks

This workout was contributed byTaylor Glinane (Fairleigh Dickinson University). Check out her for more. 

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