Hello Fit University family! I’m new to Fit U, but have always loved exercise, yummy food, positive thoughts and actions, and spreading a love of total balanced wellness. Today happens to be my 21st birthday! A day of revelry and wild consumption. Societal norms encourage me to grab a pal and head to the nearest bar for an evening that I may or may not remember later.

BUT I won’t be doing that. Here’s why…
  1. I have a track meet tomorrow 
  2. That’s not really my scene! I totally understand that there’s a huge social aspect to drinking, and I’m excited that society now recognizes me as an adult, so I can get into some of the comedy clubs, jazz bars, etc. that I was restricted from visiting before. I also really understand that a lot of my friends and peers enjoy drinking as a way to loosen up and have fun. Our society really has placed such an emphasis on binge drinking and drinking to problem-solve lately, though, and I have seen more and more situations where alcohol is not there as a component of an evening with friends, but is the focus of the evening and dictates the happenings. People often binge drink so much and so quickly that there is little room for conversation, and they do so in environments where they can’t even hear each other talk! While some people do this every weekend, I’d much rather be at a restaurant with friends (actually talking and bonding) or curled up in bed with a book after a long week 🙂 
I wanted to share this video that I made last year but haven’t previously shared, because I do think that the topic and my story within the video impacted my understanding of and view of alcohol. Coming into college, I was pretty aware of alcohol and situations involving drinking, so I was a lot more cautious and fairly observant of people’s motivations behind drinking.
I’m not saying you should quit drinking or that I expect people to never drink – if you like the taste of alcohol, feel safe with the company you’re with, don’t drink and drive, and actually feel like alcohol enhances your evening, then indulge, by all means! I just wanted to share my family’s story as a way to remind you that mindless excessive behaviors (whether alcohol or another substance) can really throw your wellness off balance. Just like anything else with your health, try to understand yourself and your motivations, and assess your happiness and whether your actions align with where you want to go! <3 Have a wonderful, healthy day!

About The Author

Kate is a junior at Brandeis University, where she hopes to create her own major in Human Development, Media, and Communications, as she loves to read and act and get to know about people and their stories in many different ways! She has been running since the age of 9 and has always loved being outdoors and trying new things and being active! She also loves cooking and finding fun and delicious alternatives that prove that healthy isn't boring! Her main goal every day and in life is to make people smile :)

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