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New Year, New You, right?

No more excuses. No more saying, “if only I had time to workout.” Each and every one of you can make time. I get it – we are all busy, and more so, its cold out. I know how easy it is to curl up under a blanket and, trust me, I am a full supporter of the Netflix movement (not an actual movement but it should be). But I love my Netflix even more after finishing a killer workout where I feel like I deserve it.

A great workout does not require an hour of your time, or even a gym. As a runner, I love to go for a quick run outside just to get my blood flowing and give my mind some fresh air. For those who don’t run, or would rather not freeze their asses off in this cold weather, you can still get in a good workout in the comfort of your own home. Just put on some music, bust out a yoga mat (if you have one), and get sweaty!

Here is a simple, no equipment workout that will take a maximum of 30 minutes.

Perform each exercise for one minute.
Rest 30 seconds in between each exercise.
Complete this circuit twice and feel the burn!

  1. Toe touches

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Gabby is a senior at Lehigh University and the founder of the fitness/nutrition, total sorority move-type website Is Butter A Carb? She is a Certified Personal Trainer, former Division 1 athlete, and member of the Freshman +/-15 weight gain club. She has a passion for fitness and nutrition and is a firm believer in Girl Power…because we are strong, capable and smart girls, and as Queen B (Beyonce) always says, “Who runs the world, Girls!”. Check out her blog to hear her quirky rants, pick up some healthy food tips, and learn how to train like a girl. Follow Gabby on and !

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