Almost 5 weeks ago, I purchased Jessie Hilgenberg’s workout guide – Bikini Body Edition. It’s “14 weeks of comprehensive workouts, detailed splits, custom cardio, HIIT (high intensity interval training), nutrition and supplement details to get you looking the BEST you’ve ever looked in a bikini”.

Like most fitness guides or workout plans, JG’s guide talks a big game. But, I think it may be warranted. As I said, I’ve only been using the guide for under 5 weeks and have seen pretty crazy results already.

The guide calls for the following.

  • Hard-core dedication (see what I did there… 🙂 )
  • Openness to the IIFYM (if it fits your macros) flexible diet. And also, openness to not being as strict as you might normally be! (which is super awesome)
  • A willingness to complete at least 5 but up to 6 days of training (imagine me face palming right now– so worth it though)
  • Relaxing about the fact that you’ll only do 1 hour of dedicated cardio time for the entire week: broken up into 3, 20-minute sessions (imagine me freaking out about this)

jessiegirl fitnessThe guide was a big change for me. I used to workout 4- 5 times per week and did cardio every day for 20- 45 minutes each time. I thought that if I cut that by almost 75%, I would be doing myself a disservice in trying to tone my body despite having been told multiple times in the past by many fitness experts that that was not, and would never be, the case. I’m stubborn, I know. Anyway, something clicked in for buying this and I can honestly say that it has been a welcome and catalytic change for me.

Maybe it’s that I trust Jessie? The way she looks (physically) and approaches working out/healthy living makes it pretty easy. 

The guide pushes you to increase your weight by 20% each week to build strength rapidly. It was designed for woman looking to compete in fitness competitions and create a more athletic physique. It includes a bonus pre- show/shred week for those who use it to compete. The guide shows you how to measure yourself, how to conduct a fitness test, and how to test yourself before and after (not just by the way that you look or how you measure up). It also includes information about supplements and how you should eat to fuel the workouts. I admit that I have not been particularly strict with my eating but have naturally craved more protein. I will say that I also do not particularly like how supplements feel so I only do as much as I feel that I can.

What would I say to someone looking to buy one of Jessie’s guides?

The guide is pricey (at almost $70) but the amenities that come with it really justify the price. As a member of the private Facebook group I can honestly say that my fellow Jessie’s Girls have helped me tremendously in everything from getting used to the IIFYM calculations, adjusting weekly weight (in the gym) or with just reminding me that I can do this and that my body is exhibiting positive signs of lasting change! The group is also vastly different to any diet or lifestyle or weight training group I’ve been in before. It’s never about the number on the scale and it’s always about how our bodies feel and trusting ourselves. I also think it’s just plain awesome when women chat about eating in a way that’s not restrictive or controlling. We celebrate, we make friends, and we workout. Like I said: awesome.

jessiegirl fitness

I would recommend this guide to people that already have a love for working out and frequent the gym between 4 and 5 times per week (just so you’re prepared for the bump up in sweat time). I would also suggest that anyone who has never done weight training before consult a Fit U ambassador or personal trainer at your school’s gym to make sure you’re doing everything right and wont injure yourself! 

Yes, the guide is overwhelming. Yes, I was scared. No, I have not passed out from a workout and yes, I feel like a badass by doing the opposite of passing out. And lastly: yes, you can do it too, one step at a time. 

Note: Don’t beat yourself up if those steps feel like baby steps! You still got this. There have been days when I only get through 2-3 rounds of the workout instead of all 4, and there have also been days where I feel like I could do 5. Listen to your body, and keep doing what’s right for you 🙂 

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Ali Matalon is a fourth year honors student at Northeastern University. She’s studying Political Science and Business with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and minors in International Affairs and Global Social Enterprise. Ali is from Kingston, Jamaica and is especially keen on understanding ways in which all members of society can encourage conditions under which we can all thrive economically, socially and health wise. She’s a spoken word poet, spinning® instructor and fitness enthusiast!

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