Everyone has a different relationship with food.

Some see food as form of comfort. Some see food as the enemy. Some don’t think about food for taste and only think about its use for nutritional value.

These thoughts aren’t what being healthy is about. I am here to tell you that food is your friend.

I know that society today has this overwhelming perception on how bodies should look. The first thought on many people’s minds is that they need to be skinny to have the stereotypically “ideal” body. Once that’s been implanted into people’s brains, the first thing they tend to think is that they need to eat less.

This is absolutely false.

Now there is no easy way to say this, so I am just going to be up-front and honest.

The only way to change the appearance of your body (not that you need to) is to change the way you eat and exercise. Let’s be honest: a lot of people have goals centered around changing the way their bodies look.

Note: Of course, this is totally unnecessary. Live happy, healthy, and balanced and the rest will fall into place. So really, you can just ditch that negative body image and self doubt and love your body right now instead. 

But anyway, to make your body look stronger, healthier, leaner, or whatever you’re trying to do, it’s important that you eat right. See the catch is: I didn’t say to eat less, I said to eat right

Some days are harder than others. Some days, you want to eat well and you end up eating chips and pizza and cookies and soda all at once… But hey, that’s life. So what do I do? I chose to eat food-conscious.

That term does not mean to be self-limiting. It doesn’t mean to make rules and limit food, but instead that you should wake up everyday with the intention to feed your body well.

What does that mean?

  1. You want to be eating things that give you energy and keep you alert.
  2. You want to be eating things that nourish your body and help you grow.
  3. You want foods made of whole foods that digest well and help you be the best you can be.

Now that food may not always been readily available, but that’s okay. Do the best you can. Don’t beat yourself up about it.

You are allowed to enjoy desserts and big meals and feeling full; it’s normal.

But make sure you take the time to eat some fruits and veggies because your body will love your for it and flourish from it.

One of my biggest pieces of advice for this is to go to your local farmer’s market and load up on fruit. It’s cheap, fresh, and supports locals! 🙂 

So in summary: continue to be aware of what you are eating, but don’t let it consume your life. 

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About The Author

Danielle is a junior at Alma College and is majoring in Physiology and Health Sciences. She enjoys all forms of fitness from lifting weights to trying out fun, new fitness classes. When she isn't working out or studying, she can be found looking up motivational quotes on pinterest or dancing for her school's dance company!

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