Can you really stay fit in college? Hint: YES.

One of the biggest misconceptions around is that it’s impossible to stay fit in college. At Fit University, we have one thing to say to that… BULL. SHIT. To give you a little boost of motivation, we asked some of our Fit University ambassadors from schools across the country to give their #1 tip on how to stay fit in college. Here’s what they had to say:

1. It is 100% possible.

Believe in yourself, eat good healthy foods, exercise regularly, and be kind to yourself. You’ll be amazed at how well you’ll respond to the positive changes in your life–your body will thank you! – Charlotte K.

2. Watch the alcohol intake.

Also…eat your veggies, have fun and love what you do. – Kristen W.

3. Find the time.

Plan your day before you get to it, and stop making excuses. If you’re like me, you can be pretty good at persuading yourself out of commitments. But it’s important to hold yourself accountable. You wouldn’t skip an appointment with your professor or your doctor — treat your workouts as an appointment with yourself. Honor yourself and don’t be rude… show up! – Colleen O.

4. Get enough sleep.

You’re gonna need it. How much you sleep and the freshman 15 could be more here. – Joe B.

5. Maintain balance.

A fit and healthy lifestyle is all about balance in all aspects – diet, exercise, studying, working, and relaxing. Being healthy is more than always perfectly hitting your macros (shout out to IIFYM), and exercising every day. It’s listening to how your body feels and giving it what it needs. If you’re tired, rest, if you’re hungry, eat, and if you’re stressed out, take a little break for yourself. So go ahead, treat yourself to a cookie every now and then, lift heavy things, run outside, and never underestimate the part your mental health plays in your overall health. – Marisa L.

6. Have fun with it!

Staying fit can be achieved through countless activities that all take varying amounts of time. Being fit can be as little as 20 or 30 minutes a day. Making the commitment to staying fit depends on doing something that is enjoyable. For some, it could be running. For others, it might be team sports or lifting. It is difficult to stay committed if it isn’t fun. – Cam R.

7. Don’t let a rough patch get you down.

You’re going to have weeks where it seems like you have literally no time to do anything, not even sleep. Try your best to fit in a quick workout, whether its lifting, cardio, yoga or something else you enjoy. It will help you reset your mind and prevent you from letting a rough week become a rough month or even a rough semester. – Amanda G.

8. Start small, think big.

If it’s hard for someone to make big health changes, start small. Small change adds up over time and will eventually lead to big success! – Nick C.

9. Find yo’ peeps.

Surround yourself with people that share the same goals as you. Having all my friends and boyfriend be so supportive and into fitness as me makes it so much easier to push myself. It’s also so much more fun to go to the gym with your BFF and prepare healthy meals and share each other’s journey! – Halie S.

10. Be mindful.

Making conscious decisions about the food you put into your body is hugely important to staying fit. And also knowing how often you should be exercising and following through with it. – Sarah K.

11. Stay away from the crappy food…

And stay in the gym 😉 – Marie L.

12. Don’t stop moving.

If you have class far away you can always ride your bike and even in between classes you can ride around. If you don’t know the people you are living with, make friends with them and maybe ask if they want to go to the gym some time. Just stay active! – Mike C.

13. Find a workout buddy!!

The hardest part about going to the gym is actually GOING. If you have a friend pushing you and reminding you of workout plans, it is much easier. It makes you accountable to another person! (PS: you can easily find a workout buddy at your school’s Fit University chapter. Don’t have one on campus? Start one!) – Nellie T.

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