In honor of National Dessert Day, I present: homemade healthy chocolate. You heard that right — HEALTHY chocolate! And the best part? It only takes 3 simple ingredients and requires no cooking. Seems too good to be true, I know.

Although we all want to remain fit and live a healthy lifestyle, now and then we crave things that aren’t necessarily “good for us.” And that’s ok! Part of living a healthy, balanced life requires you to treat yo’ self every once in a while. But on days when you’re craving something sweet and don’t necessarily want to indulge, this recipe’s got you covered.  

homemade healthy 3 ingredient chocolate

Ingredients needed:

– Coconut Oil
– Cacao Powder
– 100% Natural Pure Maple Syrup
*Optional add-ons: almonds, peanuts, puffy rice, chia seeds, hemp seeds, nut butter, etc. 


– Melt 1/4 to 1/2 cup coconut oil just enough to have a liquid consistency
– Pour coconut oil in bowl
– Mix in cacao powder until desired consistency (start out with small amounts of cacao and continue to mix in)
– Mix in a few tablespoons of maple syrup until desired sweetness
– Add in any of your extra ingredients (I usually add peanut butter to my chocolate after the mixing process)
– Pour chocolate onto non-stick paper and spread with spatula until desired thickness
– Put chocolate in freezer for about 20 minutes until chocolate is hardened
*Leave in freezer to keep chocolate solid

About The Author

I am a Fresno State student who loves fitness and strives to encourage others to better their lives! I am going to be a senior this upcoming school year and I am majoring in Kinesiology. Throughout my life, I have been driven to be active in one way or another. Being a past college softball player, I know how hard it can be to find time to make healthy choices. I want to share my healthy, simple lifestyle with those who are struggling to find a balance!

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