Some people think I’m absolutely crazy when I tell them that I love to run.

They say things like: “How could you possibly love something so painful and tiring?” and “Are you nuts? No one actually enjoys running.”

Truth be told, running is one of my favorite things in the world, and there are a few reasons why.

1. You are in control.

When you run, you are in complete control of your breathing, pace, and the way you move your body. You choose to speed up or slow down; no one is in charge but you!

I like to set a timer and then just run, letting my body and mind set the pace. Some days I keep the same pace throughout the entirety of the run, while other days I like to change it up by sprinting a bit and then jogging.

2. Set yourself free.

Another reason why I love running so much is because it gives me a sense of ultimate freedom. When I’m running, I just feel free. There is no other way to explain it. My worries trail behind me with every stride and my mind becomes more and more clear. Something about the combination of fresh air, sunshine, heavy breathing, and endorphins…. It’s got me hooked.

3. It’s an excuse to listen to music.

I am a person who loves listening to music, so running gives me an extra hour to jam out to some good tunes. This may sound a bit silly, but honestly your playlist can make or break your run. Some songs get me extra pumped and motivate me to run faster, better, and for a longer period of time.

4. De-stress and cure that anxiety.

I have always been a pretty anxious/worried person and running helps me deal with this. It allows me to focus on myself for the time being and really be in the moment. While I’m running, I can re-evaluate my actions, set good intentions, and think about my goals for the future and how I am going to accomplish them. I like to think of it as channeling my anxious energy in a positive way.

5. The aftermath.

When you finish a long run, you just feel AMAZING. You think to yourself, “Yes, I just ran all that and yes, I am amazing.” You realize how much you have already accomplished and it leaves you wanting to accomplish more.

But I hate running. How do I start? 

These are just a few of the reasons I became passionate about running. Whether you are someone who has a lot of energy and needs an outlet or someone who just wants to start running more often, here are some tips for you.

Start slow.

Do not push yourself to the max right from the start. Start with a moderate pace and work up to a faster one. Once you get in the groove of running, it will be easier to go faster than if you start out super fast and the use up all your energy in the beginning.

The hardest part is getting yourself out the door.

Know this from the start. Push yourself to wake up when that alarm goes off, put those earbuds in, and walk out the front door. Try not to think about how you will feel on your run, just get yourself out there! Trust me, it makes all the difference.

Go at your own pace.

Everyone runs differently. Do what feels most comfortable to you and try not to compare yourself to anyone else. Listen to the signs that your body gives you and focus on improving your breathing and form throughout your run.

Now lets shake off the haters, get out there, and get running! Who’s with me? 🙂

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About The Author

Rachel is a sophomore at SDSU studying Nutritional Science. She is passionate about yoga, running, and all things that involve the outdoors and saying active. She loves motivating others to live happier, healthier lifestyles. In her free time, she enjoys exploring places around San Diego, going to ethnic restaurants with her friends, painting, and going to the beach.

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