Every resolution needs a bit of #fitspiration.

New year, new you, new resolutions…we all know the drill. But in case you haven’t heard, only 8% of people who make new years resolutions actually stick to them. With our 5 step guide (to actually keeping your resolutions) and a little bit of inspiration, maybe we can make 2017 the year that 9 or 10% of people complete the resolutions they set out to.

Here are the best Instagrams to follow based on your (healthy) resolutions. 

If you resolve to…….

Start lifting


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Getting started in the gym can be a scary thought but fear not, YOU CAN DO IT. Ladies, it can be intimidating to walk into a weight room filled with dudes but Heather, aka , shows you how a little strength gives you a whole lot of confidence.


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Guys, looking for some motivation yourself? Jonathan (_ ), a student at University of California Davis, is your go-to man.

Eat Vegan




Ever wondered what you’d eat as a vegan? Emilie, a student at Louisiana State University, makes vegan look easy, delicious and really tempting on her Insta .

Start Powerlifting


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Victor started his Instagram to help out all the “nonners” in the gym. Meaning, the non-athletes at his college, Davidson College. If you’re a newbie in the gym and want to start powerlifting, is your dude.

Be More Positive


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At Fit University, we believe mental health and happiness is just as important as all the physical stuff of fitness. Enter Northeastern student Hannah. From food to workouts to positivity, , is the sunshine you need to wake you up every morning.

Try CrossFit


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Need any more inspiration to do CrossFit besides ? She’s 21, a student at Mizzou, competed twice at the CrossFit games, and holds the title of 6th Fittest Woman on Earth. K. 

Cook More


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Eat from the dining hall too often? Order Chinese food on a weekly basis? JJ from highlights some deeeelicious looking food that is of course a) healthy and b) relatively easy to make. Give some of his recipes a try.

Run a Marathon (or run for more than 5 minutes)


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To some, running is the world. To others, running is the last thing in the world they’d ever want to do. Whichever way you sway, Northeastern student Rachel (otherwise known as ) makes running look like the greatest thing on Earth. As an anti-runner, I want to run after looking at her Instagram.

Love Thyself


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Just like positivity, self love is a huge piece of the Fit University fitness puzzle. Follow no other than Kelly of for all the self love inspiration you’ll ever need. A self-proclaimed “Body Positive ED Warrior,” Kelly shares her message of “making self love the new sexy” in every post she creates.

Meal Prep More


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We all know the key to a healthy lifestyle in preparation. If you’re about to hop on the #mealprepmonday train, give  a follow for inspiration to keep your meal prep interesting. Btw – here’s an easy guide to meal prep if you’re interested.

Get Outdoors


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Too often we’re stuck in our dorms, apartments, the library…even the gym. Switch up your routine with a breath of fresh air and take yourself outside. from University of Utah will make you want to pop on your skis and hit the slopes immediately.

Do More Yoga


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You’ve heard about the countless benefits of yoga a thousand times and you’ve finally decided to give it a try. Sara from Skidmore College pulls out all the impressive yoga moves on her profile . Remember to take these poses with a grain of salt though – yoga is much more than fancy poses. Meditation is one of the greatest side effects of a consistent yoga practice…read about it here.

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