The perfect version of the #basic favorite.

So, this post is going to be controversial. At least in this health and fitness, and hence avocado-obsessed, community. But the good kind of controversial, I hope.

Avocado toast has taken the world by storm. Walk into (almost) any somewhat-modern cafe and you’re sure to find it on the menu. But most of all, it’s become a favorite go-to breakfast, lunch, snack, or even dinner for when people want something healthy, delicious, and quick.

But let me be honest, when the avocado toast trend kicked off a few years ago, I was not with it. But now I know why. I was doing it all wrong. I never used the right bread, ripe-enough avocados and didn’t play with flavors and textures at all. I’m sure we all have our own ways of doing avocado toast, and this recipe is what I deem to be the best version of it. For those of you who aren’t avocado toast lovers, try this out. And for those of you who already are, give it a shot anyway – you might just find a new way to eat trendy toast!

I now eat avocado toast in some form or another almost daily. Check out my to see the number of times it’s featured on my feed. No shame.

And yes, while this is my trusty avo toast method, I’m always open to trying out new variations, so I would love to see your suggestions! Tag us on Instagram and use to share your faves with us.

The “Best” Avocado Toast

Time: 10 minutes

When to eat it: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnight… ANYTIME

Perks: Delicious, nutritious, quick, and easy!

Makes: 1 hearty serving

Sh*t You Need:

2 medium to thick slices of your favorite hearty, dense bread
1 ripe medium avocado
juice of 1/2 a lime
pinch of salt, to taste
pinch of dried red pepper/chili flakes, to taste
2 tsp mixed seeds
handful of fresh mixed greens or arugula

The recipe:

1. Toast your bread.

2. While your bread is toasting and cooling prep your avocado topping. I like to let my toast cool a little before I top it with the avocado to avoid soggy toast disasters!

3. For the avocado, either cube it or mash it. I used to be a major fan of cubing, but have recently converted to mashing. Play around and see what you prefer.

4. Place the cubed or mashed avocado in a bowl, squeeze in the lime, and add the salt. Give it a quick stir.

5. Finally, top your mostly cooled toast with the avocado, a few chili flakes, a sprinkling of seeds, and the greens.

6. Enjoy!

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