With tests and papers, club requirements, and social commitments piling up this week, I decided to take a three-hour vacation from everything this morning. No studying, no checking Facebook, no responding to emails, no Instagram-ing, and definitely no answering to any external, extracurricular obligations that do not serve me in the present moment. 



Instead, I filled the start of today with a Hot Power Fusion class at CorePower (God bless that one-week free trial), a walk home through the gorgeous South End, a shower, and an early lunch at Whole Foods.

This lunch pictured below includes: garlic hummus, quinoa, roasted sweet potatoes, kale, olive oil, & pecans. I would have cooked, of course, but the painters had officially taken over the kitchen, and I didn’t desire to get in their way.

This was the perfect, long, and slow way to start a busy day filled with afternoon classes and extracurricular requirements. 



This morning’s vacation reaffirmed my belief that nothing, absolutely NOTHING is, at its core, more important than self-care. For any of us — I mean it. 

Thus, I wrote this short recap of my morning not so that you can replicate it exactly (though I wouldn’t blame you if you did — it was pretty rad). Rather, I tell you this with hopes that it can inspire you to take care of yourself. Self-care and individual mental health care allow us to go out into the world and serve others better. We cannot serve if we ourselves are empty, sad, tired, and drained vessels.

I empower you to completely let go of what does not serve you; find small, impactful ways to make your life happier — right here, right now. Today, I did this through my morning “vacation”, and I already am looking forward to the next teeny self-care trip that I can take myself on. Through honoring ourselves, our needs, and our bodies, we will be able to become more helpful, brighter, smarter, and more joyful society members. 

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Hannah is a third-year at Northeastern University in Boston. A yogi, chocolate & coffee lover, and grocery store aficionado, she writes recipes, college advice, and skincare reviews on wholesomelyhannah.com (ah on Insta).

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