When it comes to snacks, quality is key! So when you’re looking for some snack inspiration, here are a few ideas to get you started:

Avocado on toast

You just knew this classic would make this list. The concept is pretty self explanatory, but there are so many ways to keep it interesting! Variations include topping it with an egg, chilli flakes, hot sauce, feta cheese and/or anything else that sounds good.

Bliss balls

Basically a combination of dried fruits and nuts pulsed together in a blender and then rolled into a ball. My favourite mix includes dates, hazelnuts, walnuts, pecans, coconut, and sesame seeds, but browse through some recipes online to see what flavour combinations call out to you.

Tahini date caramel cups

A twist on the traditional Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup—the chocolate is replaced by a smooth tahini mixture and the peanut butter subbed with a gooey salted date caramel.

One ingredient banana “ice cream”

A magical thing happens when you blend frozen bananas – it turns into soft serve! I love having this for breakfast topped with homemade granola! Ice cream for breakfast? YAAAAS.

Fruit and nut butter (make sure to get the natural kind with just nuts and salt!)

Hummus, pita, and/or falafel.

Roasted sweet potato wedges with guacamole.

Homemade granola or granola bars.

No-Bake and Easy-to-Make Bars

Search the world wide web for your favourite recipe!

Chocolate dipped fruit.

*I may have a slight obsession with strawberries dipped in chocolate.*

About The Author

Tanvi is a student at the University of Cambridge across the pond in the UK! Family, friends and food are her favorite things. She is obsessed with all things chocolate, strawberry and nut-butter and even has a food blog called Strawberry Chocolate Concoction. A black belt in karate and former competitive swimmer, Tanvi loves staying fit and encouraging others to do so as well. She’s happiest when surrounded by the people she loves - a sprinkling of yummy food and sunny weather wouldn’t hurt either!

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