Get your cardio, and your abs, too. No equipment necessary.

To see examples of these cardio based moves, and to help with form, check out the video above before you get to it.

Time: 20-30 minutes

Type of Workout: Cardio, calisthenics

Sh*t You Need: Mat (optional)

Intensity: Medium-high

Body Target: Total body, core focus

The Workout:

Complete the following exercises 2-3 times through, resting for 1-2 mins. between each circuit. 

- High knees: 45 seconds
- Plank knee-twists: 15 reps each side
- Mountain climbers: 45 seconds
- Side plank hip-dips: 10 reps each side
- 30 jumping jacks
- Standing opposite toe-touches: 10 reps each side
- Butt kicks: 30 seconds
- Staggered squat twists: 20 reps, each squat and twist is one rep

This workout was contributed byKatie Clarfield (University of Florida). Check out her for more. 

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