I’m the type of person that needs to eat every 2-3 hours or I will continue to eat even after I’m full. So when I’m running around all day, I bring healthy snacks to ensure I get all the nutrients I need instead of eating junk food conveniently at my disposal.

These are a few food items that are my go-to whenever I pack snacks for the busy days:

1. Apples

Apples work for me on their own or sliced and dipped into nut butters. I only use nut butters that have 1 ingredient: nuts! You don’t need the extra salt added or any extra oils, so make sure you check the ingredients.


2. Hard-boiled eggs

These are GREAT to bring around and are one of the best sources of protein you can get.  I’ll take 10 minutes while I’m getting ready in the morning to boil up some eggs if I know I won’t be making my usual scrambled eggs (which is rare because I eat them all the time, with tons of veggies of course).

3. Trail mix

I’m a huge advocate- can’t live without it. However, it is important to correctly portion out how much to put in your bag because the serving size (approximately ¼ cup) is smaller than you think; you will get full from it because nuts are addicting. But have no fear, the high fat, protein, and fiber will fill you up! In my trail mix I like to include slivered (or whole) almonds, peanuts, raisins and cranberries, sunflower seeds, and pepitas.

4. Carrots/grapes/any fruits or veggies

These may not be as filling as trail mix, but are perfect for when you just need something to nibble on. Many people are guilty of eating when they’re not hungry (myself included), so I always pack fruits/veggies (currently I’m obsessed with carrots) that I can chew on when those mid-day munchies start to hit.

There are many other portable snacks, but these are some of my go-to’s because they require minimal prepping and they’re nutritious. Snack bars are a viable option, but be sure to read the labels carefully.

So instead of snacking on those tempting chips from the vending machines, pack these healthy goodies in your bag during your busy days.

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Jenna Bernard is a current Cornell student studying nutrition and exercise science. She loves all things fitness including running, lifting, swimming, crossfit, high intensity interval training, and jumping on the bed. When she's not cooking or lifting, Jenna enjoys making things for friends and family and taking advantage of the outdoors, hiking in particular. She's looking forward to spreading the joys of fitness!

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