No one likes the feeling of being chilled to the bone. But who doesn’t like being snuggled in a blanket in front of the fire? There are pros and cons to every season. So. Let’s talk about winter.


Outdoor winter sports.

You get to wear the fuzziest warmest clothes you can think of and still get a workout!

Hot chocolate.

YUM. ’nuff said.

Spring Break is right around the corner.

Two months of back to school and spring break marks the end(ish) of winter!

New Year. New You?

The chance to set new goals, wipe your slate clean and continue bettering yourself.


It’s cold. 

But, now you can wear that pretty new parka or your favorite college sweatshirt or your fleece pajamas… all. the. time.


But, who cares? You are enjoying yourself and as long as you appreciate things in moderation, it’s not a bad thing to overindulge in Christmas brownies on Christmas or have heavier meals in the winter.

Shorter Days.

But, that means maybe a few more movie nights? Plus, it doesn’t last forever, so enjoy new candles and fun holiday lights in the meantime.

No matter what, nothing lasts forever, not even a Northeast winter! So, try new winter sports, foods, and activities and enjoy it while it’s here!

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