Now that the lazy days of winter break are over and it’s back to the grind of being a busy student, it’s also time to fuel your brain for your demanding school schedule.

However, once you resume the day-to-day routine of sleep, school, homework, work, you realize there is hardly time to maintain an active social life, let alone to fix up a healthy meal or hit the gym. It’s no surprise that with a tight schedule we fall into some pretty unhealthy habits, reaching for processed snacks and buckets of coffee just to stay awake and focus… only to find that this starts a vicious cycle of relying on sugar for survival. But there are healthier ways to fuel your brain that are just as easy.

Here are just a few of the delicious and quick snacks you can grab before your next class or study session.

Yogurt & Fruit

Do you remember the time in grade school when we were so excited for lunch to come so we could eat our Go-Gurt? Even if it doesn’t come in a tube, I’ve always loved yogurt as a portable snack or treat, since it’s something simple and sweet. Aside from being full of calcium and protein, yogurt is full of tyrosine, which decreases anxiety. I love to top my yogurt with berries, which are rich in antioxidants that help improve your memory and boost your immune system.


Happiness is a fresh, seasonal avocado, am I right? Lately there has been a huge hype for avocados. You’ve probably seen tons of avocado toast all over Instagram, but there are plenty of ways to enjoy it. If you haven’t gotten on the avocado train, ya gotta try it out. Bonus: they’re great for eye health and packed with Vitamin E, which helps protect against many diseases and helps maintain overall health. I either eat an avocado alone or I mash it up and spread it on toast, but the options are endless. Check out for some amazing recipes that include avocados.

Peanut Butter

! Who doesn’t love the classic childhood combo? It’s filled with fiber, healthy fat, and protein, so peanut butter helps fight those hunger pangs you have during long days of class. It’s also versatile and can be paired with apples, pears, celery, or toast for a quick breakfast or snack. Looking for a little variety? Try almond butter

Dark Chocolate

Any chocolate lovers out there? I have some good news for you. Chocolate can be healthy. How? Well, the flavonoids in dark chocolate help increase blood flow to key parts of the brain for several hours. That’s definitely a good thing during a long test. So if you need to increase your focus and concentration grab a dark chocolate bar and you’ll be good to go.

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Landy is a 4th year student at Andrews University where she is majoring in Biology. She's a typical college student who splits her time between work, school, and working out. During her free time she finds herself scrolling through Pinterest for new healthy recipes or workout routines. After graduating, Landy plans to attend dental school where she hopes to specialize in pediatrics.

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