Cyc Fitness is not your ordinary spin class. Be warned.

Last Thursday, I attended Fit University’s Back to School Fit Crawl at Cyc Fitness. Being the Fit University groupie I am, I decided to start my day with a visit to the gym at 6:00 am before a very busy work day and what I imagined to be just another foo foo cycle class later that night. I love working out in the morning; I start the day feeling energized and ready to werk it. As the day progressed, my curiosity for my ride with Cyc Boston began to grow.

Little did I know, my butt would be completely kicked in a short span of 45 minutes. Cycologist, JB takes no prisoners. Be warned, if you are not ready to turn it up, don’t even walk in the door.


Alright, maybe that’s a little harsh, but I figured I would try to set the scene. Intimidating? Yes. But get ready for guaranteed sweat stains, sick beats and the company of some pretty motivated fitness junkies. Naturally, I brought my best friend and boyfriend along to the class, aka my “fit fam.” They are my go-tos for my fitness adventures and my guinea pigs when trying out new, healthy recipes. They were also cyc’ed (pun intended) for this class and for a break in their typical workout routines.

Although my first stop on the Back To School Fit Crawl, this ride with Cyc was the second stop on the crawl. After getting down with BollyX, the bar was set high and the Fit University team was warmed up and ready to rock. The room was beaming with neon and spotlights, so much so you would think you were at a trendy underground club. Except instead of a bar, there were bikes. At the start of the class, we were told that for the next 45 minutes, we would focus on the beat, which I really liked. I was in the zone and focused on what I came here to do – get fit and stay fit.

The class flew by and I mean how couldn’t it? We were constantly moving…changing between isolations, sprints, jumps – you name it. Oh wait, I’m not done. The workout was made complete with a full on arm section while we were simultaneously pushing through resistance equivalent to quick sand. Luckily, JB kept things fresh by adding a sports themed twist to our arm exercises but my arms still burned to the point I thought they would fall off. As you could imagine, I was dripping sweat. 

JB also had a way of making you feel like you were the only one in the room even though there was a room full of cycees spinning their legs off. Not only was this class killer on the fitness front, there was a major element of inspiration. We were asked at many points in the class to concentrate on what brought us here and live in the moment since we would never get it back. There’s more to Cyc than the neon lights and random drum beats; there’s a deeper purpose, and that’s whatever you need to accomplish when you walk in the door. Intimidating? Yes. But get ready for guaranteed soul searching and achieving your goals.


P.S Fit University gifted us that night with the ultimate swag bag of goodies. Thanks for helping me hit my macros after a workout!

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